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This website makes some very bold and controversial statements. But not for those who are waking up. For those who refuse to be awaken, you might as well navigate away from this site because for you it gets worse. You see, it has been proven that “it’s easier to lie to someone than to convince someone that they have been lied to”. So we’re not going to try to convince anyone of anything. Rather, we will point out many lies and assist those who are so inclined to learn the truth and how to follow a course of research to prove to themselves what is true.

We have to understand that lies didn’t start recently, but goes back hundreds of years for some and thousands of years for everyone, depending on the particular thing lied about. It’s difficult today not to realize the outright lies, misinformation, and propaganda everyone is subjected to constantly.

Our parents and grandparents could not pass on truth that they were not aware of , so it’s obvious how all of us were brought up in a cesspool of lies. For many today however, technology along with elders are pushing out truth at an amazing rate. There is much truth presented in literally thousands of books that were thoroughly researched that provides real answers of truth.

Many others have come along and are further disseminating this information via the internet, so all you have to do is watch educational videos to begin to put together a modicum of truth, that can put you on the path to learning the real truth.

To go a little deeper into the truth paradigm, for most people truth is what they think it is. However, when individuals limit themselves to their personal circle of knowledge and not be open to new and different facts that can serve to enhance their knowledge and broaden their circle, they do themselves a great disservice.

Becoming more awake has the effect of widening understanding but also will require the release of incorrect beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you under a real spell (a conclusion based of Illusion). A spell so pervasive it causes some to immediately reject any new knowledge in favor of the incorrect information that their subconscious was programmed with. The interesting part about your subconscious is, whatever is there you don’t know how it got there or where it came from.

Was it something you saw on TV, heard on the radio, or was it something somebody you trust told you, did it come from the news media?

As a newborn all you had to do is open your eyes and suddenly you were able to see. As an an adult seeing is very difficult because of what is presented to you and if it conflicts with previous programming.. What we’re attempting to do is put truth in front of you with the hope you will see it. There’s a saying “There’s no one blinder than he who will not see”. Here’s hoping you’ll see

On this site we will be exposing lies and covering truth you probably never considered because of your intentionally faulty programming and all the propaganda that supports your misguidance.

All truth passes through three stages
First, it is ridiculed
Second, it is violently opposed
Third, It is accepted as being self evident
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Whats so funny is, a lie only needs one stage and a lot more supporting lies to make you believe it. Conditioning is what makes you believe.

There is so much to be revealed that you need to visit this site regularly as content will be added as it is covered.


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