American Revolution 2.0

The shadow behind this image represents the Shadow Government

I am guessing that you weren’t there for the original Declaration of Independence. None of us were! Fortunately, America has been given a second chance. We need to renew and remind our modern leaders of the intent and declarations of the constitution.

Part of the difficulty that most Americans have is a general unawareness of history. It gets worst with every successive generation. So if you don’t understand what the constitution says and what’s in it for you, you cannot appreciate what is in jeopardy

When Donald Trump was running in 2016, he told Blacks “What Do You Have To Lose”? Well They now have plenty to lose, in lower employment, Prison reform, Opportunity zones, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, lower drug costs, and much more.

Actually, all Americans have everything to lose, even the constitution itself. The constitution is what sets America apart (American Exceptionalism) from the rest of the world. Capitalism is under attack by those who understand it’s connection to what the constitution guarantees.

Blacks have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in something they were originally excluded from. That was the formation of America and the writing of the constitution which governs us all. As you may know, the creation of the constitution made no accommodations for Blacks because there was no inclusion of Blacks as citizens.

It took the 13th Amendment, 14th, and the 15th amendment to begin to address the reality of Blacks and their inclusion into America as people other than slaves with no rights. For Blacks, it has been an intrepid journey. A journey of progress that no one would want to repeat. Instead most sensible people want to move forward, appreciate what we have in America, and protect what we have.

If you think what we have is not worth protecting, ask yourself why all these people are abandoning their own country where they were born to come to America. They are in search of the American Dream. A dream that is not taken seriously by too many American born citizens.

You have to ask yourself why so many Americans actually hate America. Could it be that they have been brainwashed by lies, confusion, mis-education, demagoguery, helplessness, and the false assertions that there is racism everywhere and the state is needed to fix it and fix you.

If you ask liberals, many will tell you they don’t recognize today’s Democrat party. Many will say that the party has left them. There is an explanation for this that is not being explained or communicated effectively. So who or what is responsible for pulling the Democrat party so far left towards Marxism and Socialism?

It’s important to understand that there are ongoing operations at many levels, but the level most Americans are grappling with is the deep state. Most of the ill effects, crazy and repressive laws, totally biased media, and ,,, are all attributable to the deep state. While much of it seems to come from the left, there are also many on the right, pretending to be conservatives, while following the dictates of the deep state.

All the corruption you see is the deep state in action. President Trump refers to it as the Swamp. Actually, you could argue that this began in 1913 and has been in effect ever since. You should also know that these actions are in opposition to America and freedom.

You should be aware that there are two Americas, the one established by the constitution, and the the one created by the deep state, an unaccountable shadow government. All corruption is part of the shadow government and has as it’s main goal to trash the constitution, and replace the real American Government.

All the freedoms you feel slipping away are being usurped by the shadow government. All the wars, all the poverty, all the helplesness, All the misery, all the rip-offs, all the corruption are all features of the deep state and shadow government.

The entire world is watching and realizes that if America is taken over by these extremists (new world order) they are doomed as well. America is the lone beacon of light for the world. Many from other countries seem to have a clearer vision than do some home grown Americans as to the threat to liberty and freedom.

Black Americans, Africa is watching you and has been for years. They wonder how our so called leaders could allow what is going on in Haiti and not utter a word of displeasure. Honestly, we’re too busy being victims.

Fortunately Black people, you have the chance your forefathers did not. You have the opportunity to reaffirm the freedoms we all have enjoyed, and send an unmistakable and resounding message to those who would take America from us.

Since the election of Abraham Lincoln has there been a more important election for Blacks and indeed the whole of America. This fact cannot be overstated. Lose this one and you loose the game.

  • the right to speak freely. that right is already under assault on college campuses, even in public spaces speech is being filtered through political correctness. It does not take much imagination to see where this is headed, if not confronted
  • the right to bear arms is under severe criticism with the aim of taking our guns away. The reason Venezuela is where it is because they gave up their guns. The reason Libya was decimated is because it gave up it’s weapons. I could go on but you get the point.

It’s decision time to choose between freedom and capitalism or socialism and slavery again. When I see what socialism has done around the world, for me the choice is clear.

If you are poor you know you are in a war, the good news is all you need assist in winning this war, is becoming aware of what the left is lying to you about, and vote your intelligence.

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