Are You Subverted By Your Subconscious

No matter how intelligent or smart we think we are, there are things about our nature that we can’t deny. We all have a brain and so we accept that we can think and we are in control. But are we really? How we think affects what we think. Our limitations govern what we’re allowed to think in most cases. And finally, do we really think or just allow our brain to operate in auto-pilot?

What do we mean by auto-pilot? Auto-pilot is controlled by the subconscious, however that is not how we see it. We like to believe our conscious mind is in control 95% of the time. The truth is actually the opposite. How our brain works is a mystery to most of us, so therefore we assume certain things about how we think.

In reality our subconscious is in control 95% of the time by default. To understand this phenomenon we have to consider the capabilities and capacities of the conscious and subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind (our original mind) is said to be able to process 4o billion bits of information a second, by contrast the conscious can only process about 40 bits of data per second. Under stressful situations we rely on the speed and processing capability of the subconscious mind.

First of all, the subconscious mind has a 7 year head start on the conscious mind as children absorb and maintain everything that enters into the subconscious mind automatically. That’s why you don’t have to tell a child twice not to touch something their subconscious has logged as hot and dangerous, if they touch it once.

The subconscious mind based on it’s input (programming), informs the conscious as to what to be conscious of. Just to be a functioning child, try to imagine the thousands of details children have to learn. All of this is imprinted on the subconscious.

These imprints on the subconscious form the basis of thinking and are recalled when needed. These activities occur beyond the notice of individuals and therefore go on inconspicuously . You could say that the subconscious operates like really fast CD R/W player recalling from experience whatever is available.

You could go a step farther and conclude that thinking from the subconscious is habitual in nature, and is repeated without anyone giving it a second thought. It all happens unconsciously.

Negative consequences in life can often be traced to that 7 year period where foundational programming occurred. That’s why poor people usually stay poor and rich people stay rich. Even poor people who win the lottery are usually poor again within a couple of years. What this suggest is that the way you think is largely a function of how you were trained.

For most people, the only time they are forced to use their conscious mind is when faced with a non answer from the subconscious or a situation that demands creativity. Rarely if ever do we question what comes from our subconscious mind. The evidence shows that we should pay attention if we’re to continue to grow as individuals.

Often there are things that enter our lives that our subconscious rejects and now we have an inner conflict. That is certainly a time to validate what is coming from the subconscious, we have to decide to accept the new and delete the old or reject the new and retain the old. That process has to take place in the conscious mind.

Whenever you find yourself struggling in life, there is usually a disagreement between your subconscious and a new direction suggested by the conscious.

Repetition is what feeds the subconscious and it’s this habitual nature that we rely on for answers. The “New Consciousness or Awakening” carries the suggestion that the answers we seek are not in our subconscious, but need to be placed there through learning and research.

Now we have an active filter that screens everything we’re presented with, especially when we’re awake. It’s called the “Reticular Activating System“. It is a set of neurons that among other things challenges all input to the brain and decides if information submitted to it will be selectively forwarded to the subconscious, rejected, or put aside for further research.

The subconscious really can’t discern the the difference between something real and something imagined. That fact provides us with the perfect opportunity to upgrade our subconscious with preferred, relevant, and timely information that supports where we need to be today. The subconscious only deals with now.

Remember, there are lots of people competing for your mind through television, media, religion, politics and education. The same way you may have discarded fads of the past as outdated, being willing to do the same with invalid information residing in your subconscious is also necessary.

There are times when your subconscious seems to be at odds with the conscious and an invisible player. This third party player is often ignored because it does not necessarily follow what we would consider logic. In fact, it’s more connected with feelings that we don’t necessarily trust the source. It’s called intuition and many have come to appreciate its value.

Intuition is that gut feeling that does not depend on what you know, what you think, or whether it makes any sense to you or not. As many will attest, they are glad they have learned to pay attention to it. Just as many have seen situations where they wish they had followed their intuition in some situations.

The important thing to know is that intuition comes from a place you can’t see because it’s spiritual and outside the physical earthly plane (probably a sixth sense), whereas conscious and subconscious are tied to the five senses senses and experiences.

For those understanding God’s presence in them (I Am) certainly are aware that things come to them from within them yet outside the physical realm, but are just as real. Most people just don’t pay enough attention to messages given to them. Please understand that this has nothing to do with religion or church because scriptures say the temple of God is within you, not at the local church. Remember, there is no one blinder than he who will not see.

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