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Being God Comes With Responsibility

Is that statement blasphemous? Only if you haven’t come to realize who God really is. Most of us come from a religious background, so it’s not surprising that this article may be shocking. Imagine my surprise at age 70, when the pieces of truth finally came together for me.

Then, on closer inspection, I realized that many of those pieces were there all along, I was just not hearing or paying attention to them. That is where most people are today. It took me 70 years, how long will it take you? It’s different for every individual. Once you zero in on how you were bamboozled in the first place, you’ll have compassion for those who haven’t yet realized the truth.

What has hijacked your power is the notion of a God somewhere guiding you, and more importantly, guiding your beliefs. Since you’ve given up control, you can rationalize that it’s out of your hands, not realizing that being out of your hands means out of your control.

Now you are powerless to exercise all the power from deep within yourself to achieve the results you seek. It’s important to realize that words and thoughts have power. Where you focus that power makes all the difference in your life.

You, no doubt have heard all that positive thinking talk. Whether you believe it or not, where is positive manifested from? – inside of you, so what does that have to do with an external God? It is the God in you employing the positive thoughts reflected in your attitude.

The concept of a God was introduced by religion. Religion is what binds us to our belief system. It is because we are introduced to and indoctrinated by religion, has become the environmental source of our orientation.

We were set up to believe in something greater than ourselves. something outside of ourselves, which absolves us of any responsibility for what happens to us or what we do. How Convenient, so if it goes bad, we can always blame the devil, right!

In my estimation, what makes more sense is that we are all gods having a human experience.

As humans we want God to be a male, anthropomorphic (thought of as having a human form or human attributes, ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things. Truthfully, If God is almighty, why are we trying to limit one who has no limits.

It’s important to realize that we are multidimensional beings stuck mostly in the third dimension. A dimension characterized by religion, politics, greed, poverty, egoism, selfishness, chaos, war, corruption, sickness, death, and a separation from spirituality.

There will be no place for the aforementioned ailments in the fourth dimension. As quiet as it’s kept, the major attribute qualification for ascendance to the fourth dimension is LOVE. We hear it all the time how important love, is but just imagine trying to enter a locked door and the only key to get through the door is love. That is how it is.

At the end of the day we have choices, so we can stay where we are and stay stuck in the third dimension, or we can utilize that key to open the door to the fourth dimension.

So you see, it does not depend on God although whoever or whatever created the universe did put some laws (rules) in place. Many recognize them as laws of nature. As long as we don’t violate them we stay in balance (harmony) with nature.

There are some however who think it’s alright to create their own laws, and do what they want, regardless of the consequences. The 7 Hermetic principles addresses all human behavior. Karma or the law of Cause and Affect will take care of the situation.

I don’t need to pray for that situation to be taken care of, the resolution is built into the universal law construct. In other words – I don’t have to throw my burden on anyone, rather I am responsible for looking within myself for an answer.

This is where the cosmos comes in, because that is where everything is, and it is our spiritual connection to the cosmos that provides the pathway. It is the resource we need to learn to tap into. This ability resides within all of us, but has been erased and or severely attenuated from our consciousness (kundalini), probably through DNA manipulation.

In metaphysics (above physics) there is something called the Akashic Record, simply stated is information and experiences that can be accessed by some depending on their individual spiritual connection. You can see these records as little video segments that play and reveal information.

We need to see that the “GOD game” has been around as long as beings have harbored the notion of controlling others. The question though, is whether you will grant tacit permission to those wanting to control you through whatever device (i.e. religion, politics, education, health).

Ask yourself, do you need anybody to tell you that it’s wrong to take the life of another? Yet we sanction war and many atrocities all over the world on the opinion of someone who we may disagree with internally. It’s the God inside of us that is disagreeing with the hideous acts.

Despite all the commercialization around food and nutrition, our instincts tell us that our diet and eating habits infringe on our spirituality as well as our health. Once again it has nothing to do with God, but with our choices.

The closer you look at life and yourself, you understand that it is choice and that choice is yours alone.

The one thing that has tied to God and religion is the fear of death, and what comes after. You are convinced to limit the attributes given to you for a promise of something later. One thing you should be aware of is “Thoth the Atlantean“, master of wisdom, who existed more than 36 thousand years ago.

Thoth explains that since his time there has always been those who invade the mind space of man. So the presentation of a God, any God, illustrates that invasion.

Having said all that I have said about the subject of God, It has to be firmly fixed in your head and your heart that you are God, and it’s time for you to shoulder that responsibility, and take command of that power.

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