Can You Rely On Science

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You absolutely can, if it’s real science and not pseudoscience or scientism. Knowing and understanding the difference and subtleties can sometimes be a challenge. What else is there about life, that can be so uplifting and fulfilling, if challenges were not there to oppose us, providing a measuring stick against ourselves.

The real question is, whose science are we speaking of? Views of science are embedded in culture and since our culture has been obscured and hidden, our beliefs and views on science may be inaccurate and even distort our consideration of science.

We know where science came from (us, ancient Kemet) but we should question how it is applied today. Somehow it never quite serves us to our benefit, which causes many of us to not trust what is presented to us as science or absoluteness.

There are many things that science as it’s been taught to us cannot explain. Many consider that which can’t be explained as magic, divine, or science has not yet caught up. According to those who claim to know, science explains the physical universe.

We know that the universe is more than physical, it’s cosmological and spiritual. As soon as you insert spiritual into the conversation, scientists go into a tizzy, as they know they are not equipped to answer questions about spiritual matters.

Actually, the two, modern day science and spirituality are at odds, leaving you in a quandary, that devolves into beliefs that can’t have any physical evidence to back up or substantiate the claim, hypothesis, or theory.

This serves to keep humanity divided, confused, and conflicted as to what is really true, because, at the end of the day, truth is what you believe or perceive it to be.

This opens the door to superstition, spookism, double mindedness, and much doubt and fear about the world around you.What confounds science is the fact that intuition and spirituality need no verification except that which is within each person. This is the real secret you have to come to, and that is, all your power is within and simply requires you tapping into it.

We never asked our parents where they got certain things and ideas from, we just trusted them to know. They never asked the same questions or their parents. It is easy therefore to see how you can be given knowledge that is questionable at best, and flat out wrong in the worst case.

In fact, some things that might have been true yesterday are not true today. Real science is supposed to track current facts, evidence and knowledge, and keep the world updated.

Sadly though, the scientific community are often resistant to new revelations that can possibly cast doubt on old beliefs. One of the most important things to realize about science is that it is part of what we call the matrix.

That is to say, any new information or facts that challenges the narrative propagated by the matrix will automatically be rejected for one reason or another to maintain the status quo, whatever it’s objective is.

One example of pseudo science masquerading as real science is music.

Famous composers such as Bach, Chopin, Mozart, and others of the period created their musical masterpieces under the 432 Hz tuning standard.

During the 1930s Nazi propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels changed the musical frequency tuning standards from 432 Hz to 440 Hz for dastardly reasons.

Then, in 1940 the United States introduced 440Hz standard worldwide. In 1953 440Hz became the ISO 16 standard. It’s important to know that 440Hz has no natural symmetry with the rest of nature, which means it works against your conscientiousness , because you’re natural. Dare I say it, it works against creation, or you could say God’s natural order.

432 in nature, music and sound. To understand sacred geometry, you have to know the sacredness of the numbers 3, 6, and 9.

432 / 12 = 36    6+3=9

440 / 12 = 36.666666666666666666666666666667

It’s critical to understand that the effects of 440Hz manipulation is imperceptible as you hear this music being played, however the effects are undeniable and proven by many scientists to render negative effects to listeners.

Another example of pseudoscience

Science has told you that the earth is 25 thousand miles in diameter, and others have circumnavigated the globe. While east to west might seem to be true, no one has ever done it north to south. Why, because you have the imaginary north and south poles as barriers.

Meanwhile Admiral Richard E. Bird, U.S. Navy has reported traveling over 2300 miles beyond the south pole and over 1700 miles beyond the north pole. Some quick math 25000 + 2300 + 1700  = 29000. So how could the earth be only 25000 miles in diameter?

Many things that live in our reality are categorized as theories. As soon as you precede the word theory with the word conspiracy, like clockwork, you typically cast the phrase in the pile of things deemed skeptical or not believable. Looking back most of the so called conspiracy theories have proven to be based in truth.

Even though all over the world we see evidence of ancient technologies having been used that far outstrip anything we can do, and yet science heaps praise on what we have accomplished in our lifetime.

The one thing that can help explain who we are and where we came from is Metaphysics, and the thing we know the least about. A quick definition of metaphysics is the branch of philosophy and cosmological science that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.”

Not even the smartest scientists today can provide a map of how to even approach the magnificence and genius of the past. That is a testament of just how far we have fallen, rather than our professed progress.

Here is one final example of science messing with our minds. We were told about how many times we went to the moon. Meanwhile NASA admits that radiation belt surrounding the earth has to be overcome before travel beyond radiation belt can be accomplished. It’s likely that there is both truth and lies at play here. There are clearly things that NASA does not want you to know.

We need to understand that scientists are specialists in their particular field of training. One of the flaws in science is that compartmentalization erects walls between the various disciplines.

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