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Are You Subverted By Your Subconscious

No matter how intelligent or smart we think we are, there are things about our nature that we can’t deny. We all have a brain and so we accept that we can think and we are in control. But are we really? How we think affects what we think. Our limitations govern what we’re allowed

The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories

One classical definition of a conspiracy is – “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. ” The idea of something being thought of as a conspiracy is familiar to most people as generally not benevolent. When it comes to conspiracies, there are things you know, things you don’t know, and

Poverty Is An Industry

Who would have ever thought that an industry could be created based on the pain of others. Well, we do have a large number of industries that have been set up as such in the last 50 or so years. The recent revelations has brought to light the stimulus most accountable for profit in impoverished

American Revolution 2.0

I am guessing that you weren’t there for the original Declaration of Independence. None of us were! Fortunately, America has been given a second chance. We need to renew and remind our modern leaders of the intent and declarations of the constitution. Part of the difficulty that most Americans have is a general unawareness of

Drug Dealers are Capitalists Too

There are just some things we refuse to talk about. We go on about the American Dream, the abundance of opportunities, and that’s desirable, but some who choose a non conventional route, also chase that dream also. Capitalism is a concept that many embrace. There are certain characteristics of capitalists worth pointing out. Capitalistic ownership means

White Guilt vs Black Victim hood

There is a serious divide in America. It’s not what you think. It’s not rich versus poor or Black versus white, or haves versus have nots. It’s really much more subtle than that. It’s been lurking just below the surface for decades. Before I spell it out, let’s explore the reason it exists. Victims It

USA Gold Rush

How many of you know about the gold rush of 1849. By way of review here’s how the story went. ” On January 24, 1848 a New Jersey prospector James Marshall discovered gold on the American River in northern California, while he was working on a sawmill owned by John Sutter. When news of the discovery leaked

Don’t Binge on the Fringe

We live in a very politically divided America, more so than ever before. Many long for the days that liberals and conservatives could sit down and work on issues that would hopefully benefit the country. Well, there are some problems with the definition of who liberals and conservatives really are today. The primary tenets of

Why We’re In Trouble

There are reasons for our problems that might not be obvious to some. To me, the biggest issue plaguing America is the growing number of people in this country that don’t understand or appreciate what America is all about. Not only do we have too many people born in this country that don’t appreciate their

We Need A Trumplican Party

When Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president, most of America saw it as some kind of stunt or gimmick to garner attention. I looked at it and thought “how bad could he be, compared to those who came before him”. I tuned out on politics years ago, but did observe the