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Thinking Alters Your Paradigm

The thinking of the age is mostly dictated by the influence of the printed page. You see, most of what we think is given to us from a book, pounded into our heads over hundreds of years. In fact many books were written specifically to mold our thinking. That process along with everyday experience builds

Free Thinker Or Just Free

That might sound like a strange question. It does have some validity however, because most people living in America would say they are free, but, dare to think differently from the rest of the herd and confirm to yourself how free you really are. You might be thought of as weird, strange, psycho or even

We Spend Our Lives Being Educated

I remember as a teenager hearing an adult in his early to mid twenties say “Now that I am educated, I understand why I have no money”. To modernize that phrase many college graduates say “Now that I am a college graduate and have this huge debt, I understand why I’m broke and moving back

The Earth Is Spinning Around The Sun

There are those who say this earth is spinning out of control but is it really spinning? Most people do believe that the earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour while revolving around the sun. They also say the reason you can’t feel it is because you are moving at the same speed as

Inflammation Is A Problem

Most people have very negative reactions to inflammation. When it occurs there is usually pain and or swelling that comes along with it. It might be the result of an infection that originates internally as you feel pain and discomfort or externally based on some physical injury. When inflammation shows up chemicals from the body’s

Athletes Protect Their Bones Ligaments And Tendons

Athletes, especially professional ones, have much to protect. Whatever level they perform on, if they want to have a long healthy career, they have to know how to protect their assets, their athletic ability. Most are gifted athletically but the length of their career very much depends on how healthy they are able to remain.

They Went To The Moon 6 Times

Many people believe that NASA went to the moon. The claim is that they went 6 times. At one time I believed it. I even spent my working career in and around the space industry. I never questioned what I was told because it was all over the media and besides, you had all these

MD’s Are Hard At Work Preventing Chronic Disease

There are those who really believe that medical doctors are working hard to prevent chronic disease. In order to figure out the extent to which that is true, you have to consider the medical system and it’s mission. Many characterize the medical system as more of a sick care system than a healthcare system. Medical

Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay

This is a neatly packed lie within a lie. I’m not even going to argue with the bogus statement that fluoride is any good for teeth. Instead I’ll focus on the much deeper lie and the suggestion that we don’t ingest fluoride at a high enough level to harm our health. As reported in 2012