Consciousness Operates On Many Levels

We often see others as people just like us. When it comes to consciousness however, we can all be very different. This becomes very obvious when we try to convince someone of one of our truths and they don’t accept as their truth.

We can often think we’re so right, and the person we’re trying to convince is so wrong. Well, the person you’re trying to convince is just as adamant that they are right and you are wrong.

So what’s going on here? You both are probably right, but from your individual prospective. Your facts don’t jive with the reality of the other party. Why? There could be multiple reasons however, the one I want to focus on now is the fact that we all are living in dimensions (realms of reality).

For each of us individually, our reality is built on how we think, and how we think is filled with what we’re taught, our experiences, our system of beliefs, and where we keep our attention focused. So we believe certain things about certain things and we’re comfortable about where we think we are and what we think we know.

It’s interesting to note that our individual make-up is quite complex, however it’s the commonality that makes us all think we’re alike, and in many ways we are. Notice the reference pictured that shows the five senses to which we are all have and and are accustomed. Let’s call that the body.

Looking inward to another level we see a breakdown to what we call the soul which includes intellect, will, and emotion.

On the innermost portion is the spirit which provides intuition, communion (with the cosmos), and an aspect of conscience. Within each of us there is interplay that ultimately guides our actions.

That place of relative comfort, we refer to as the box. When someone comes along and attempts to provide information that does not fit in the box, alarms go off in our head. Our immediate response is to reject this new and different information in favor of the comfortable information already stored in the box.

Living inside the box has worked to disastrous consequences for mankind, and has kept all of us on mental and spiritual lock down for at least the last 2000 years. It’s interesting to note that the 2000 year period referenced coincides quite comfortably with the age of Pisces, which is also referred to as the age of deception.

Many scientists, Astronomers, astrologers and others, acknowledge that the earth is changing. Well, so is the age we’re in, We are moving into the age of Aquarius, (the age of the water bearer of truth). As more truth emerges, opportunities to move to higher levels of reality become available.

For these higher levels of consciousness to be obtained however, we have to begin to clean out the box and replace it’s contents with higher level truth, which is above where you are now. This coming change is not orchestrated by man, rather it is a cosmic mandate that no one can escape or stop.

Ultimately, it will come down to choices. Only we as individuals get to choose to remain in this third dimension hell or move to higher levels of consciousness. I will say that it will not be pleasant for those who decide to stick around to see what happens, without attempts to elevate their consciousness .

You may be familiar with the phrase “As above, so below“. Well, the cosmos is changing. The question for you is, will you embrace the change, or just hope it bypasses you and goes away. The fact is, doing nothing (default choice) is really doing something, perhaps unintended. There is no middle ground.

If what is contained in this article is strange or new to you, you have a lot of catching up to do. It’s really not your fault. You see, there are forces at work whose mission is to keep you distracted to the point that you don’t notice such things really exist.

What you will notice is that all distractions manifest on the physical level where people are consumed with their own egotistical view of themselves and the world around them. Spirituality has no place and is therefore muted from the conscience of most people.

But spirituality has been replaced with consumerism, chasing money, goods better jobs, praying for peace and so on. The activities to keep you occupied are endless such as education, sports, movies, holidays, weekend events, weekly worship.

The bottom line is, we have no time left to commune with our inner selves because of all the other distractions. Communicating with ourselves involves spirituality, something today is in short supply, so we compensate with reality television game shows, reality shows, dramas, news programs, and all television.

Then you have the internet with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, online gaming, Porn sites, You Tube, and every conceivable type of entertainment you could imagine. It’s all there to keep you busy.

It’s very important to recognize what the earth really is and what your role is set out to be. Earth is a school for spiritual growth and assention, but only if you embrace it, only if you are aware, and only if you care.

Many who are said to be extra perceptual in their ability to augment consciousness with meditation of all types. This puts these individuals in touch with their akashic records which reside in the either.

Every thought that you, I, and everybody else has ever made is stored in the akashic record. This record can be accessed by those operating on higher frequencies using intensified focus. Let me quote Nickola Tessler’s observation “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Of all the things that confuse and frustrate us is the malfunction of our sub-conscience and the dampening of our spirituality to the point of looking outside ourselves for answers to problems that we created. Admittedly, we are not aware of problems we create, mainly because we are not aware that everything resides inside us.

The earth is full of spiritless and or spirit dimmed individuals devoid of Benevolent insight, which is symptomatic of the troubles on earth experienced by us all today. These spiritless ones are fast becoming out of sync with the changing cosmos.

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