Do You Question Your Questions

Some of us ask questions all the time, mostly of others. How often though, do we question ourselves. Are we able to honestly ask ourselves questions, about our prospective on the world, the people around us that we trust, or our embedded belief system we depend on.

This is an important question, principally because of my next question. Do we question our questions? You might think this question is ridiculous, but let’s look deeper.

Our initial question of ourself will always return an answer based on what we currently know and believe, regardless of how we might have obtained the knowledge. Would we still believe it if knew that new and more accurate information became available? I would hope so, but in too many cases that does not happen.

Imagine removing one leg from a three legged stool. All of a sudden the stool is no longer stable, and everything stacked on that stool is also in danger of tipping over.

That is the fear (false evidence appearing real) we operate within in this third density. We’re afraid to tamper with that third leg for fear it will cause the stool to tip over. Regrettably, we hardly ever consider replacing all three legs if necessary, understanding that we can only replace one leg at a time.

So really, you could consider questioning your questions as an overall paradigm examination that when practiced causes one to do frequent reexaminations of one’s knowledge base, to keep abreast of the world and the times we live in.

We all can agree that the world is changing at a break neck pace. What you know today should be vastly more accurate that what you knew yesterday. We reserve certain things however, as sacred bedrocks that we think we can stand on safely. You can reel them off such as religion, science, education, political party affiliations, etc.

Most of what we know about these things, somebody taught us. Were those teachers right for that time, perhaps, but are they right for all time? I seriously doubt it! The landscape seems to be changing everywhere except within our brain.

In many ways we seem to be stuck in a time warp, especially around bedrock issues. We’ve been infused with fear around issues that are centered on facts that may no longer be facts, but are relics of times past when they might have been at least, partially true.

We are faced with the most important questions of our lifetime and our planet, but we are failing. If you are aware and follow the procession of the equinox you know that we are entering the Age of Aquarius. The the age of truth bearing. This means, and some of you have already noticed all the new truth revelations are coming forth.

This phenomenon may seem new to some, but has a real basis in metaphysics and cosmology. In other words “it’s written in the stars” whether you believe it or not. It’s been written about for thousands of years, long before the bible and modern day science.

You have to envision your current thinking as being presented as a series of flash cards. Most of these cards were drilled into you through education, environment and social interaction. Much of it you got from your parents and family.

Well, they underwent the very same treatment. What happens is every new thought you receive is measured against your preprogrammed set of flash cards, and when there is no match you have a decision to make.

Often times it seems easier to hold on to the old flash card than go through the mental exercise of scrutinizing the new data, and replacing the old outdated flash card with new and current information.

I’m not suggesting that we live our daily lives on flash cards, but the way we think and interact with the world is very similar. There are certain areas where what I’m describing is very illustrative.

Religion is my favorite subject because everyone can relate, and everyone has a belief system based on something. Even non believers believe that they don’t believe. So lets go there! Of the world’s total population I would estimate that less than 3 percent have ever questioned what they were taught by their parents.

You may want to ask yourself whether you are part of the 3 percent, or part of the 97 percent. It’s rhetorical, so you only have to answer to yourself. Whatever your answer is, you should consider how what you believe affects your world view.

When you look at the role religion has played in wars, domination, and suffering, can you really dismiss the harmful results of things done in the name of religion? For some however, they give religion a pass and religion gives them a pass also. A sort of “quid pro quo“.

Based on an individual’s heart condition, I suppose some people can justify just about anything, irrespective of morality, compassion, empathy, or love for mankind as a species. It really begs the question as to whether these rationalizations are even originating with humans.

That is where the over reliance on the bible and religious teachings have led us astray, in my opinion. The bible in the book of Genesis makes a reference to fallen angels who bred with earthly women and produced a super race of giants known as the Nephilim.

According to another ancient writing, “the book of Enoch“, Those wayward angels who rebelled, are imprisoned somewhere in the earth, and their spirits are influencing humans today.

Of course, modern religion won’t touch this subject because when they do, you have a lot more to think about. Their mission is to keep a lid on this information while keeping you controlled, docile and not thinking.

The last thing that I will talk about is spirituality. They have convinced most people that you have to be part of some religious denomination to be spiritual. There is no way anyone can convince me that man can do the things he does to other men and be spiritual, unless they are influence by evil spirits (Satanic Entanglement)

You heard it said many times of certain acts “That was pure evil”, I believe most of that kind of behavior is largely the influence of evil spirits.

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