Don’t Binge on the Fringe

We live in a very politically divided America, more so than ever before. Many long for the days that liberals and conservatives could sit down and work on issues that would hopefully benefit the country.

Well, there are some problems with the definition of who liberals and conservatives really are today. The primary tenets of conservatism are


  • personal responsibility
  • limited government
  • free markets
  • individual liberty
  • traditional American values
  • strong national defense
  • empowerment of the individual to solve problems
  • Human life begins at conception
  • strict interpretation of the constitution
  • The death penalty is a punishment that fits the crime of murder

In addition those on the left say that conservatives are “white nationalists”, “racists”, and even “socialists/fascists”. These are assertions that are patently false, however just making the claim shuts down debate and serves as a talking point to win an argument. Such claims are more akin to the so called “Alt-Right”.

People who just throw terms around such as “alt right” and try to equate them to conservatives, really don’t know that the “alt right” is an alternative to the right, and has much more in common with the left.

If you believe in and support the constitution, by nature, you are a nationalist because you believe in one country, America. If you happen to be white, you’re a white nationalist. No matter what your race, the operative word is nationalist.


  • believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all.
  • alleviate social ills
  • protect civil liberties and individual and human rights
  • government to solve problems.
  • woman’s right to choose
  • taxpayer funded abortions
  • federal affirmative action
  • death penalty should be abolished
  • Government regulation in all areas of the economy
  • Oppose Vouchers in Public schools

The label of liberal seems to have morphed into something unrecognizable. It can sometimes mean a “classic Liberal” but it can also carry the meaning of “Leftist”, “Marxist”, or “Socialist”. These three are in total opposition to conservatives, while there was once a time when liberals and conservatives could talk and even agree on some things.

So what have we learned?

  • The alt-right is an alternative to right wing conservatism
  • Classical liberalism is conservative in more ways than most people know
  • Those who binge on the fringe builds obstruction that prevents compromise in the middle.
  • These fringe minority groups are dividing America.

Liberalism is more than one thing. On any close examination, it seems to fracture into a range of related but sometimes competing visions. Initially liberalism sounds great with many of it’s goals, however over the last 50 years we’ve seen it being dragged towards Leftism, Marxism, and finally Socialism. To be honest, there’s not a lot of distance between Socialism and Communism. Is that where America should be headed.

One fact is clear, the gratuitous use of these labels to describe those with whom they disagree, is the biggest problem in communication and dialog. It easily enables the demagoguery of just about any issue. Wordsmiths on both extremes are skilled at conflation, deception, and narratives that makes their respective points of view.

So who wins or loses in these encounters depends of one’s level of knowledge on an issue and one’s leanings toward a particular prospective. Overall though, the public loses because it’s usually a single view presenting only one side. Those who are not aware of an opposing argument goes away half educated.

Thankfully, we have about 60 years of statistics to look back on to get a good reading on the progress of poor Americans and their plight to change their circumstance. After spending trillions of dollars on various programs, the percentage of poor is sadly still about the same. Moreover, try looking for legacy programs that worked but you won’t find any or we’re not using them.

Honestly, I had given up on politics almost 20 years ago. I could plainly see that no politician really cared about me. They only cared about what they could get. I’ve spoken to numerous others who feel the same way. The only difference is Trump. If he had ran as a Democrat, I still saw more in him than any of the others. Even he couldn’t stomach what the Democrats were about. So let’s be clear, I’m not a Republican, I’m a Trumplican!

President Trump is all in for America and since I’m an American citizen, so am I. What’s not to love. It’s where I was born, raised, and provided the opportunity to make of myself anything I want. Where else in the world is this possible?

All those people traveling over 2000 miles from down south to get here, are coming for the opportunity. Only non thinking Americans can’t see that.

Many Blacks that complain about no opportunity, while we see many examples of Africans, Islanders, South Americans, come to America and become successful, so for me excuses can be obstacles but obstacles can be overcome.

Persecution is a terrible thing to go through. It exacts a mental and sometimes physical toll. What is ironic however is when self persecution is inflicted by absorbing all the rhetoric, labeling, identity politics and sheer nonsense from the liberal, leftist mindset.

The most recent example of a society on the fringe is Venezuela. It’s hard to deny the effects of leftist socialist liberty advocates. Do we as a country or even individuals really want to go that way? Do we want to be victors or victims?

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