Drug Dealers are Capitalists Too

There are just some things we refuse to talk about. We go on about the American Dream, the abundance of opportunities, and that’s desirable, but some who choose a non conventional route, also chase that dream also.

Capitalism is a concept that many embrace. There are certain characteristics of capitalists worth pointing out. Capitalistic ownership means a couple of things. First, the owners control the means of production. Second, they derive their income from their ownership. That gives them the ability to operate their enterprise efficiently and with complete autonomy . It also provides them with an incentive to maximize profit. Capitalists always view a lower income compared with last years income as a lost. This fuels continued efforts to move more products, a major feature of capitalism.

Capitalism requires a free market environment to succeed. It distributes its products according to the laws of supply and demand. The law of demand says that when demand increases for a particular product, prices are subject to rise. When competitors realize they can make a higher profit, they increase production.

We know how harmful drugs are to our community, however many of the same strategies and techniques have been derived from the corporate model, minus the violence, of course. While we’d like to believe that legality and morality have an equivalence, but they don’t. Actually, if morality was a guide stone for capitalism, we might not even have room for illegal activity.

It simply makes one wonder what would happen if the talent of drug dealers were channeled in better directions. What’s interesting is many of these drug dealers have little to no formal education. What they have is street smarts, drive and a need to survive and a desire to flourish, which is an important set of ingredients for success in any endeavor.

One thing is certain to me and that is there is no shortage of imagination and creativity among these individuals. Most of these individuals came up without the benefit of a responsible father or exemplary role model or discipline to guide their thinking and decisions.

The attraction to gangs can be tied directly to the absence of a father figure in the home, peer pressure, a vision of no way out, and a culture that confirms to vulnerable youth that they are indeed second class citizens, and nothing can change that. At least that’s what the poor are taught either through inferences or directly. In fact, nothing in the reality of these individuals tells them that America belongs them too.

We also have an education system that furthers the notion of victim-hood and the inevitable subservient position poor people hold in life. “It’s just our reality“, is what most uninformed people concede.

It’s important to understand how being manipulated by the extreme left works. They want you to run in place while they promise a lot and deliver the minimum, if at all. Leftists operate on a 2 and 4 year cycle where they show up in poor communities making promises that they don’t keep. Young people see the hypocrisy and question whether there is really a path for them.

I’ve often wondered why some of these individuals involved in illegal drug marketing don’t learn some of the lessons of other groups who have become legal, put on suits, and act as corporate citizens. Being in an illegal activity keeps their financials underground. In most cases they don’t have bank accounts, tax accountants, attorneys and a corporate structure..

It would be extremely naive to believe that illegal drug activity is not connected at some level to legal businesses. Somehow exposure to illegal activity never rises above the level of drug dealers, as if they are in an environment inhabited by just them. The board rooms of America remain “Drug War” free zones. Honestly following the money would certainly lead to banks, politicians, and others that get virtually no scrutiny.

Education, if only by accident is slowly creeping into the prison population. The beauty is no college degree is necessary, however financial knowledge is required. Ironically, learning is happening in prison where inmates have lots of time on their hands and a lot of reflection on what is missing from their lives.

I have long advocated that learning to read, write, and math should be the minimum learning required, as part of being incarcerated. This type of action supports the efforts of reducing the likely rate of recidivism.

The story of Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll chronicles how his mis-direction as a youth took him off the garden path and allowed him to take on the habits of those undesirables that not only corrupted him but also corrupted the community.

If there is anything to be learned from this article, it is the fact that success in life and in business is highly dependent on one’s perspective, focus, determination, and one’s insight as to the possibilities available. There are actually many drug dealers who have become entrepreneurs. When I consider some of the individuals that have become successful capitalists, I’m amazed that more of them have not emerged.

While society has no appetite for talking about drug dealers become capitalists, we cannot deny that they do exist, especially when our kids may come in contact with some of these types. It’s similar to having that reluctant sex talk with your kids. If you don’t, somebody else will (i.e. gangs, bad relatives, students, educators, peers and others).

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