Enemies and Obstacles

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[This article focuses on the enemy within as well as the obstacles about us]

Unfortunately, everything we know and do is based on things that exist, real or imagined, is outside of us. All planes of existence are planes of illusion. To put a finer point on the previous statement, we exist in a constructed illusion. Many refer to this as the matrix.

This is not what you were born with, rather what was placed to supplant your actual reality, which embodied your spirituality, culture, language, and method of processing information, disconnecting you from your ancestral inheritance. Conditions were created to turn your birthright into birth wrongs, and make you believe it. Of course many will deny what was just stated. The truth is however, unless you are curious about such things, you haven’t even begun to wake up, and truthfully many never will.

When we talk about enemies and obstacles, we’re talking about beliefs you hold without seriously questioning the validity of such beliefs. Everything should be subject to reevaluation to prove whether a thing is worth continuing to believe, or should be discarded and or replaced.

Take Santa Clause for instance. You may have once believed he rides from house to house, coming down chimneys, and leaving presents. You may have even left cookies and milk out for him. Many of you realized you had no chimney and furthermore, your parents informed you that they struggled to buy the gifts you received.

We all had to come to a realization that Santa Clause was a myth. This world is full of myths, stories, allegories, and lies. That’s why we need to ask questions.

As children we ask an endless number of questions, trying to make our world make sense, that is how we learn. That is an early life lesson that many of us as adults have let go. If there is one mission and purpose we all share is to learn and grow throughout our lifetime.

We have literally allowed a third party (system) to convince us that we are in fact, not autonomous, but dependent on things exterior to us to help us solve situations that we are responsible for.

Because we’ve agreed to accept the limits of the reality placed before us, that in effect is our limiting factors, and it governs our prospective as well as out capability. The biggest price you must pay is to pay attention.

In the 1980s I began to hear about a shadow government and wondered how that worked. Well the concept is simple, just gain control over the so called authorities we hold up as rulers and control them, and they will do the rest.

In the 1970s the term “The Man” was frequently used to allude to some one or some group that had control everything, and we were victims. For anyone who paid attention to the Wizard of Oz, you know that toward the end, the little man behind the curtain was in control of all that was happening.

Notice this, that everyone is in control of you but you. That’s the real problem. There might be enemies and obstacles, but you are the problem, because you have voluntarily given your power away.

Now for certain we were all duped and were in the dark at one time, and we only began to awaken when we questioned something we thought was wrong for us. That question led to other questions and here we are. This process has to be a life long process.

Giving your spiritual energy to the status quo (all these churches, education system, politics, science, medical system, etc) works against your inner self. You must retain the ability to accommodate the shielded and buried spiritual knowledge within you. You can’t get that knowledge from this system’s education apparatus.

The one thing that is undeniable is the  procession of the equinox which refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

Cosmically we are leaving the age of Pisces (the age of deception) and entering the age of Aquarius (bringing light and truth). This new age has the potential to be so profound that it will make everyone feel that he or she has been bludgeoned with a bat of truth, and it’s about time. We’re approaching the point where only the truly ignorant will fail to respond.

In this time of enlightened truth, a subject that is coming up more and more is metaphysics. It simply means beyond physics. Being the original beings on this planet, we once practiced it on every level. Others who still don’t understand it have other names, such as magic, and the latest European description is Quantum Physics.

It’s important to see that becoming a master in this art took 30 to 35 years of intense study and practice. As a result only a relative few mastered it, while most don’t understand it. It’s because of a lack of spiritual understanding, something you were blessed with.

Practitioners of the various crafts who do have some knowledge of metaphysics are bound by oath not to share it with you. I’ll let you guess why. They have learned just enough to keep you shielded knowing it by keeping you on this very low frequency level.

The reality is, it’s really up to you as to how long you remain on this level. To get off this level requires you to recognize certain things and not deny what truth comes your way.


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