Furious over Blacks for Trump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been watching main stream media (fake news), you’re aware of the efforts to wake up Black people still living on the Democrat Plantation. These plantation owners don’t like what’s happening.

They have taken for granted the Black vote forever and didn’t see this coming. Since just making promises no longer has an appeal, they’ve had to come up with other ways to hang on to their most reliable voting block to hang on to power. Among the tools and strategies they use are:

  • Gatekeepers – These are individuals that manage to insert themselves into positions of leadership and or administration roles to deal with minorities.
  • Mainstream Media – consist of only 6 major corporations that are generally in lock step on a particular narrative (i.e. opposing President Trump). They have no interest in fair and balanced reporting. Unfortunately, many still depend on these news sources for news and information. The compaines are (1) Comcast, (2) Disney, (3) Time Warner, (4) Sony, (5) NewsCorp, (6) National Amusements
  • Hollywood – Probably the most pernicious type of conscious manipulation. It’s subtle information delivery slips right by the movie goer seeking entertainment, however there are much deeper concepts being put forth.
  • Education – The worst kept secret of all is the dominance of left wing thought throughout the entire education system, including curriculum, study materials, lectures and attitudes of teachers, instructors and professors.
  • Religion – For those people of faith religion has turned decidedly political. That is no accident because many preachers, pastors, and so forth stem from a Democrat background, and are under the very same illusions as many in their congregation. Being a conservative thinker in a Democrat environment can be uncomfortable and exert pressure to be silent.
  • Social Clubs – Black social clubs are likely to be predominately Democrat and others might find the surroundings hard to take, especially if you disagree with the one sided conversations.
  • Unions – unions have historically supported Democrats and voted Democrat. Conservatives have to just keep quiet, pay your dues, and then vote as you wish.
  • Employers – Employers don’t usually tell employees how to vote directly, however environment created in the work place by fellow employees and supervisors can have a peer pressure effect.
  • Fraternities and Sororities – by definition these types of groups spell conformity and if their mostly Democrat, the pressure to conform is built in.
  • Social Media – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, uTube, snapChat, and others are having the largest impact on the public on news, opinion, entertainment, conspiracy theories, and all things information. One of the biggest concerns associated with social media is privacy.
  • Sports – As with other areas of entertainment the sports environment is dominated by Democrat thought, however a very large portion of fans are other than Democrat. Thanks to ESPN the other than democrats numbers will continue to plummet.
  • Social Justice Warriors – The problem with social justice warriors is it’s mentally over-sensitive and dishonest. There are many issues that are affecting many people across the world, but these individuals are major distractors from many of the real problems, but continuing to argue about meaningless topics in order to garner attention to themselves in the eyes of their peer group. These SJWs are found exclusively on the left.
  • Corporations – There are two Americas, there’s the one that the constitution is based on ( United States of America ), and there is the UNITED STATES Corporation. The so called “Deep State”, “The Swamp”, “The Elites” are all part of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Can you see why there are conflicts with the United States of America and it’s citizens.
  • Race Hustlersrace hustling is a system of players and actions put in place focusing on making profit off the backs of poor people, injustices, and tragedies that befall them.
  • Compromised Politicians – The low opinion of politicians has it’s roots in the notion that they are not working for us. That is due to corruption and the compromised people in office. many of these politicians are gate keepers, race hustlers, self indulgent profiteers.
  • Black Lives Matter – This is a group reportedly funded by George Sorros in the aftermath of the Michael Brown incident in St. Louis, Missouri. What I find Interesting is Black lives don’t seem to matter as much when Blacks kill other Blacks in inner cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Compton, Philadelphia and so on. Incidentally, did I mention these were all Democrat run cities.
  • Antifa – In reality antifa is anything but anti-facist. they show up at events put on by conservatives to disrupt, antagonize, and in some cases assault conservatives.
    The Antifa movement is a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States. The principal feature of antifa groups is their opposition to fascism through the use of direct action, harassing right wing extremists both online and in real life.
  • Opposition Research – The energy that fuels all these groups is opposition research, which has ballooned in recent times against the Trump Administration’s attempts to better America.
  • Illegal Immigration – The entire purpose behind this sinister plan is to bring in illegals, register them to vote, and maintain Democrat power and influence.

So as you can see, Blacks have issues but these issues have to be understood within the context of even larger issues, such as who’ s guiding you, who are you following and what is their agenda, and does it serve you? Why can’t America’s issues be at least in part your issues. Remember, if America goes down, you will go down with her. You could board a boat to Africa.

All this hate and division only serves those who are angling in the direction of socialism. You should learn what it really is and where it wants to take you. People on the left rail against corporations without understanding we live in one,that’s trying to eat us.

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