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I Think Therefore I Am

Just Regurgitating ideas and not knowing where those ideas came from is what we see going on today. Thinking has become a revolutionary act and too many politely reject the idea of critical thinking. It’s perfectly OK to be wrong, however once new information that conflicts with old outdated information, there is no reason logically not to replace the old with the new, if you’re open minded.

Other than your life, the most important gift you were given is the ability to think. That is your connection to God. If you feel the presence of God, it’s because God is in you. I personally do not follow any religion, but I do follow what God leads me to do. Most people now admit that there is mind control going on. The question is, who’s controlling your mind?

When you do research on brainwashing, you learn something about mind control. For over 60 years the US government has worked on mind control. The best known is MKultra Mind control techniques along with propaganda is at the root of all who are vulnerable. You are only vulnerable when you refuse to wake up. Remember this, those who control your words, control your mind.

The other form of mind manipulation is subliminal programming. While this type of mind alteration can yield benefits when used for self improvement outcomes, there is also a potential dark side that can be used through tv, movies computers, smart phones, and other types of media distribution.

Given all that we know about the craft of mind control, we should all be a little skeptical about what is presented to us on a daily basis. If you don’t think you can be manipulated, think again! I believe there is no one blinder than he who will not see. The basis of advertising (good advertising) is psychological manipulation. There is no denying the effectiveness of advertising.

A major component of mind manipulation is perception. In reality, what a person believes is largely what is perceived, so it’s said that perception is reality.


What is crucial about keeping a clear head is recognizing and avoiding propaganda, which fills the news media (Fake News) with assertions, omissions, and innuendo that is designed to frame your thinking, giving you false or ambiguous options. Demagoguery is the primary tactic of those who want to confuse an issue.

The mainstream media has become the defacto arm of the leftist/socialists who remain ready to resist the President at every turn. Whether the are manipulated or doing it on purpose, the results is the same. All bad, all the time.

When considering information one should always ask themselves some pointed questions:

  • where is the information coming from?
  • what motives can be attributed to reasons for the information?
  • are there financial considerations involved?
  • can the information be verified from trusted sources?
  • Does this information dovetail with your current understanding?
  • should you investigate farther to scrutinize the information?

You could sum up the previous questions as “do you have an open mind”, or more accurately “do you have a filtered mind with the capability of seeing between the lines.”

Social Media Impact

Social media impact is the heretofore invisible hand that has the power to tip the scale in political thought and behavior. People are effected in ways they don’t even realize. That is why it is so important to have openness as it relates social media.


Many don’t recognize the impact of Hollywood, especially on the minds that have difficulty maintaining separation between reality and fantasy. It’s has a particularly strong hold on children, because their exposure to the world is limited. You would be hard pressed to find even one non leftist show on television.

Political Correctness

There are many issues that animate me, but the one that makes me cringe is political correctness. In terms of communication, it weaves into everything that get talked about. I for one don’t respond to it and I hope more people begin to consistently ignore it as well.


One thing that frequently goes unnoticed is obstruction by people who have convinced you that they are on your side. They are gatekeepers and their mission is to be in place, while keeping you in your place. So nothing ever gets done but you never get passed the gatekeepers.

Rejection of God

For those who reject the existence of God, I have a secret to share. God is in each of us. The difference is that some of us acknowledge that fact, and some of us don’t. What separates good from evil is the extent to which we choose to be lead by God, or by the fleshly aspect of this world.

While I don’t belong to a church, or claim to be born again, I fully recognize God and His desire for me as a human to rise to as close to his standards as I can, and become God! You should know that this world for all of us will pass away, but the spirit of God will last forever.

We talk about thoughts as either developed through logic or emotion. When it comes to the subconscious, the heart is also involved and that is where the emotions come into play. So we must learn to manage our subconscious and subsequently our emotions.


It’s no secret, “thoughts are things“, and as such we are animated by them. There are some very dangerous and carelessly used thoughts that get converted into words. And as we know words have the power to hurt, to heal, to harass, to smear, to accuse, and to demonize. What’s on the inside will always manifest itself on the outside.

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