Inflammation Is A Problem

Most people have very negative reactions to inflammation. When it occurs there is usually pain and or swelling that comes along with it. It might be the result of an infection that originates internally as you feel pain and discomfort or externally based on some physical injury.

When inflammation shows up chemicals from the body’s white blood cells are released into the area (blood and or tissues). Believe it or not, it’s an immune response for protection from foreign substances of the affected area. You have to admit it raises a giant red flag to your body that something has to be done. In reality, It’s the beginning of the healing process, an action initiated by the body.


Think about all the diseased conditions that sneak up on you because you didn’t feel any pain or have any swelling. Once inflammation arrives, you are alerted to a problem that has to be dealt with.

When there’s inflammation there is usually infection of some type . It could be viral, physical, or toxicological. When possible, infections are treated with antibiotics. The variety of antibiotics available for treatment is dwindling because the overuse in people, farm animals and wrong use (example antibiotics don’t work on colds but people still request them).

Some professionals say inflammation is the cause of all disease. That’s not true, however it does show up at the site of an injury or infection. It’s not the bad guy, it’s the ambulance showing up at a car crash scene, rushing blood to the area and acting as your first line of defense. It’s the body’s messenger and healer.

What people don’t pay attention to is low grade inflammation. This silent assassin goes about it’s work in lockstep with your body’s steady degradation. It stays below the radar until a disease emerges. This type of inflammation is due to toxins and bad diet. For your body’s defense system to be up to the task of protecting you, You have to keep toxins to a minimum or non-existent and keep your body’s nutrition tank full.

The amount of C-Reactive protein and Interleukin 6 in the blood can alert an individual to even low grade inflammation before it is bad enough to cause physical signs.

Because of this lack of attention to toxic poison and nutrition deficiency is why some say inflammation is the genesis of all chronic disease. Just remember inflammation came after the deficiency and or poisoning after and arrives in response to the injury.

The main and continuous source of low grade inflammation is in food. Plants that are grown is deficient in minerals. Major crops are from genetically modified seeds, which to date have never undergone the type of testing that assures us that the long term affects are not harmful to our health.

Processed food does not even meet the criteria for real food. For preservation all nutrients are stripped and what is left they call food. I call it Phude (poison humans using deadly edibles).

Inflammatory medicine is another source of low grade inflammation. What most people don’t know is many so called medications contain fluoride and other toxic elements.

When we consume too much glucose (sugar) consistently, the body can’t process the sugar quickly enough, which increases the levels of messengers called cytokines.

Sugar  suppresses the ability of white blood cells’ germ-killing mechanism, weakening our immune system making us more susceptible to infections and subsequent diseases.




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