Malice In Blunder Land

Who Will Wake Up?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and let’s be clear, there are some that are hiding under rocks, but we are being exposed to a level of lies and deception like never before. There can be only so much denial and ignorance about what is happening in this world today.

This new age (Aquarius) is delivering big time on it’s promises of truth and light. Unfortunately, many will not be able to handle it. You know the saying “You can’t handle the truth!“. Whether you can handle it or not, you’re about to come to face to face with the truth.

I’ve observed happenings for many years and asked the question, why? Well, there are many reasons and agendas in play which makes it somewhat complicated, especially among those not paying particular attention, and getting their information from television, media, religion, school, and other questionable sources.

Most of the population seems to be mired in a

catatonic In an immobile or unresponsive stupor
state of existence while all these things are going on around them, and in many cases to them. There is little doubt that this is the current condition of many today.

Added to the coma most people are in, is the fear generated on a daily basis of what’s going to happen, and where will we go when we die, instead of enjoying life to the fullest possible degree, being forever thankful for every day of life, and assisting others in doing the same.

Once life is understood as a test and qualifier for higher dimensions of existence, one can move ahead with greater confidence and courage. You will also be naturally drawn to other like minded individuals. It would be useful to watch the video “100 monkeys” to get a sense of how that would work.

Most older people used to say that the only things certain are “death and taxes“. Being stressed out over taxes won’t add a single day to your life, and by the way, don’t fear death, it’s only a doorway to your next assignment.

Personally, it was very liberating to me to learn what death really means. Shaking off that fear opened expansive possibilities for me, and freed up a lot of space in my brain. No one wants to die, unless they are somehow gripped by the fear of living.

You probably know someone like that, worrying about everything, even to the point of bringing on illness, while not understanding that you get what you focus on. That’s is a universal law whether we believe it or not.

We also need to recognize that there are those who keep us distracted with less important things, or unimportant things, while the most important things get ignored. That is not a coincidence or an accident. It is a tried and proven technique of obfuscation and distraction.

For those paying attention, disclosure is a major topic. It will surely come to pass at some point, meanwhile there are some that are farther along than others. There are subjects that many are afraid to even mention or entertain such as:

  • Aliens – The subject of aliens is popular among some, however is also rejected by others. Depending on one’s prospective as to the definition of an alien underlines the question.
  • Extra Terrestrials – extraterrestrials, another complex subject that requires more than can be explained. Suffice it to say, there are beliefs on both sides.
  • Atlantis – The famed city of Atlantis was said to have existed some time before it sank, some 12,000 years ago.
  • Lemuria – Lemuria, another ancient city has disappeared around the same time as Atlantis, maybe as part of the same event.
  • Inner Earth Inhabitants – There is more and more evidence regarding inner earth inhabitants, much of it fairly recently.
  • Time Travel – For many years, there has been questions as to whether time travel is possible. There is what to be credible evidence that time travel does exist.
  • Secret Space Program – There is the NASA space program that we are all familiar with, however recent revelations seem to indicate that there is a secret space program that few people know about.
  • Life on Mars and Other Places In The Universe – There is reportedly life elsewhere in the universe.
  • Laws of the universe – Many think that the rules for life can only be found in the bible, but I believe the rules for life are embodied in the universe, and applies to everyone.
  • Spiritual Ascension – Many think that humans are physical entities and some posses spiritual attributes, however this is backwards. Humans are spiritual entities inhabiting physical bodies.
  • Reincarnation – Many alive today realize that they have been here before. I would certainly call that reincarnation. In my opinion they had unfinished business from a previous existence.
  • Procession of the equinox – That 25,920 year cycle read in the constellation
  • Kali Yuga
  • Satya Yuga

Of course there are many more subjects but I’ll end the list here. What’s important to realize is that there are many things outside of our awareness that affect us directly. When we, for whatever reason, ignore these things, we are not unaffected by them but we may be subject to them.

When someone tells you that something is a conspiracy theory, drop the theory part and do your due diligence to learn whether you find it credible enough to be regarded as truth. Then be ready to accept the facts uncovered and act accordingly.

We were all oriented to accept, believe, and not question. The problem is, few of us ever seriously question anything. There are many mechanisms to keep it that way. There is a saying which says – “There is no one blinder than he who will not see.” That implies that seeing is a choice, as well as other actions we either choose or not choose to make.

Life seems to be simple and straight forward mainly because it has been reduced to slogans, talking points, rhymes, riddles, truisms, that aren’t really true at all, but sounds good. Mix in some so called conventional wisdom and “voila“, you’ve got a truth that you can believe in.

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