Misery Money

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free“. Then you will get pissed off. Why! Because the truth confronts your ignorance, and you don’t want to change, even though you know you and your race would be better off if you were better informed.

Even as a young person I realized that wherever there was misery and suffering, someone was benefiting from that misery. It would be extremely naive to not recognize that money and power is at the root of the problem.

Sadly though, too many Blacks have accepted the notion that their so called leaders are really what I call “bleeders”, are the cause of the deplorable situation in our communities. They simply bring a straw and stick it in the financial punch bowl and suck it dry.

Regrettably, Blacks have been lied to about everything, including the so called switching of political parties, touting Democrats as champions of civil rights and racial equality.

Multiple decades of this maltreatment seems to have gone unnoticed or somehow explained by blaming white people, and not the majority of Blacks in power in these communities. It takes a special kind of cognitive dissonance to ignore what is obvious to most thinking individuals.

Many acknowledge the problem but separate themselves from the responsibility to engage in exposing and fixing the problem. It is true however that the first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging it.

It’s high time Blacks realize that as they wake up and leave the plantation, Illegals are invited in to replace Blacks as Democratic voters. That is what this whole illegal immigration is all about.

We now understand the effects of trauma whether from military combat, inner city gang violence, or violence of mass shootings. The likely outcome for many is something called PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Since Donald J. Trump became president, PTSD has taken on a new meaning (President Trump Stupidity Disorder).

It’s easier to blame others for our lot in life. As I once heard someone say that “when you point your finger at someone or some group, there are three fingers point back at you“. My belief that there is a God won’t allow me to think that He is so unfair as to not give me the same abilities as someone else (figuratively speaking). It is always what we decide to do with our abilities that makes our outcomes different.

Among the lies we’ve been told (by way of inference) is that we need the approval of White people before we think what we have done is good. That is more than peer pressure, that’s peer dominance. That’s a complete abdication of our responsibility to think. Yet scripture says “As a man thinketh, so is he“.

When it comes to requirements to vote, the liberal misconception is that somehow Blacks cannot get voter id cards. That’s not true but that’s the rumor circulating

One of the most subtle processes that take place in society is Neurolinguistic Mind Control Programming through all forms of media. People generally are unaware and are defenseless. The biggest misconception is that Subliminal manipulation does not exist. If you doubt the existence of mind control then check out U. S. Patent# 6017302a

Today in America, there is a phenomenon called Cultural Marxism. This has a deleterious affect particularly on Blacks. Because it’s part of the environment and inescapable. You have to be aware of it and guard your mind so as to not be contaminated by this constant barrage of propaganda.

Why are all the troubled cities in America run By Democrats? Why has there been little positive change in the poverty rate, jobs and income, literacy, health outcomes, perpetual welfare, and so forth.

Black people are historically spiritual, in that they believe in God and they believe that there is good and evil. The cognitive dissonance that we experience declaring truth to others seems to be at odds with other ideas and therefore engages spiritual war.

According to main stream media, our current president Donald John Trump has done nothing good for America, Blacks specifically. Well that’s part of the lie they are asking you to believe. In fact, he’s done more in his first 18 months than the previous administration’s 8 years. One of the accomplishments affecting Blacks directly is the appointment of Dr. Ben Carson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Blacks need to become aware of identity politics. That is what leftist socialists use to keep liberals convinced that they have a point. The truth is, all leftists have is negative talking points, slogans, propaganda, catch phrase culture, and Trump Derangement Syndrome dogma.

Do Blacks really understand the abortion debate? Do they understand that the person credited with Founding “Planned Parenthood” was a eugenicist ? Do Blacks know how many babies are killed every year under the guise of women’s health? Obviously you don’t know what you don’t know, so Margaret Sanger is someone you don’t know. As Blacks, you should know Margaret Sanger.

Did you know that in New York more black abortions take place than babies born alive? Even the doctors who perform abortions sometimes reach the point of not having the stomach to continue this inhumane treatment of human life. Thank God for that! Here is one such happy story.

The main deception in play 24/7 is the fake news media, where everything thing is twisted to create narratives supported by the left that demonizes opponents on the right.

One more word I need to explore – projection. The way it works is I accuse you of something that I’m doing. That is projecting. That is what the leftists are doing. Blacks should keep an active projection filter working at all times.

I would be remissed if I omit the damage to the mentality of rappers, pimping preachers, educators, and others on the money train, benefiting from your suffering.

My final conclusion, we will never overcome as a race, however as individuals, we have the power to change how we think so that what we see will look different. That’s how God set it up so who can fight against God?

Speaking of God, it’s important to recognize that the current chaos and hate goes beyond just political parties. I believe that the left (Democratic Party) has been co-opted by other forces that seek to inhibit and defeat a God fearing nation. Agree or not, this nation was established to guarantee religious free and freedom over all.

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