News Channels

Recently YouTube has engaged in effectively filtering out real news in favor of corporate based swamp approved news videos. The Suggested video list is now manipulated via algorithms that makes it impossible to discover information that was routinely available. This effectively hides all alternative news and commentary, many have come to depend on from the public.

The other issue news seekers are facing is, even when video viewers subscribe and click the notification bell which is supposed to guarantee you getting notifications, many are still reporting problems receiving these notifications. In fact, many report having to subscribing more than once because they find themselves magically unsubscribed.

Additionally, likes, dislikes and subscriber numbers are manipulated to lessen true success of targeted channels.

We are linking to many of the true news channels providing connections to the information that YouTube has endeavored to hide from you, or you simply may not be aware of.

For many, this is not only a Google or YouTube censoring problem, all the social media platforms have joined this censoring strategy. In fact, all the major social media platforms have joined the suppression of Ideas they don’t agree with. The hopeful news is that they now have the attention of the Trump Administration.

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