Poverty Is An Industry

Who would have ever thought that an industry could be created based on the pain of others. Well, we do have a large number of industries that have been set up as such in the last 50 or so years.

The recent revelations has brought to light the stimulus most accountable for profit in impoverished communities. It is the socialist left movement and their political correctness, virtue signaling, political cowardice, racial obsession, toxic male obsession, social justice, sound bytes, talking points, and identity politics.

There are basic systems that fail the poor in obvious and not so obvious ways. Let’s begin with your local government. I am not aware of any programs that directly target the educational challenges of the poor in any significant way such as school choice. Rudimentary information informing the public about how to access services, yet there always seems to be a necessity for some NGO or other enterprising group or individual to help you for a fee. In reality, you’ve already paid for that service when you paid your taxes.

Imagine poor people steeped in poverty and participating in a poverty industry, and being the base of profit and income, while others are benefiting from your misfortune.

There are numerous segments of the economy that have contributed to the poverty industry. While alleging collusion among these entities is controversial, synchronicity and parallelism is certainly at play here. It all works together to disadvantage those who are poor.

The preference for taking advantage of those who are not equipped to effectively defend his or her self is on some level devoid of any moralistic consideration. These situations shine a bright light on the difference between morals and legality. Believe it or not, the constitution is a balance between legality and morality. You wouldn’t know that by what you hear today.

Corrupt Politicians

Our government is steeped in corruption. We can’t even get the most desirable people in position to run for office. That’s because the ones who do get the privilege to run for office are funded by other corrupted individuals. The desire of financial enrichment and the tactics of compromise practically guarantees corruption.

Race Hustlers

Members of this group show up at every incident to decry the injustice and racism underlying the problem. These individuals have figured out that if they purport to represent the poor, perceived guilt on the part of others will appropriate or spend money to appease the situation. This makes this extremely profitable for the race hustler. They shower poor people with the soft bigotry of low expectation.

Pimpin Ministers

This group is the worst in my opinion because of their frequent interaction with the poor people of the community. They also siphon money critical to a poor communities maintenance. They take precious funds out of a community and put little to nothing back in. In my opinion, Using God as your ticket to fleecing poor people is the very lowest you can sink to.


The biggest target of abortion operations like Planned Parenthood is poor people and minorities. A recent report states that in New York for instance, more Black babies are aborted than being born. That is truly shocking.

Criminal Justice

Fairness in sentencing has long been a complaint of poor folks who routinely have to depend on public defenders, who are under paid, under staffed, with limited resources and often inexperienced as defense lawyers. The justice system often under fund the departments across the country.

Education System

The education system in this country is little more than a feducation system. People in poor communities do not enjoy the option of better schools (choice) to get their kids better educated. The public school systems are filled with tenure, politics, and a left leaning orientation. Rather than recognizing and promoting the best performing and qualified teachers, it’s based on politics, tenure and seniority.

Health Care System

The health care system in America functions in a way that it’s better to be totally destitute so at least you can receive health care, rather than be poor, have some type of insurance and run the risk of loosing whatever you have, and end up in serious debt and probably homeless. Health problems are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America.

Illegal Integration

illegal integration is a serious issue the country is grappling with today. Thus far it has turned out to be a one sided effort. Even worse, the left is actively opposing the President’s efforts to curtail illegal integration. There are an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants in the US currently. Sanctuary cities exacerbates the issue of controlling who should be allowed in this country. Incidentally, the annual cost of Illegal immigrants is estimated at $135 Billion dollars.

Homeless Population

We have a serious homeless population in America. Just look at cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, and so on. The biggest problem seems to be affordable housing. So many of these people are not only poor, but a large portion suffer from drug and mental problems. Interestingly, the most run down and dilapidated cities in America are in Democrat run districts.

Democrat Run Cities and Municipalities

We see a disturbing pattern emerging from Democrat run cities. What you see is decimated communities, riddled with crime, homelessness, tent encampments, sanctuary cities, gentrification, and corrupt politicians. The fingerprints of socialism are all over this trend.

Of the 150 cities ranked by WalletHub, 15 of the bottom 16 have something in common: They are run by Democratic mayors.

If you’re familiar with the terms Globalism and New World Order, you should know that socialism is a step by step gateway to total control of the populous. The same efforts are going on world wide. It’s time for people to wake up to the scheme.

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