Should We Use Our Common Sense

Frequently we hear the term common sense. So what is common sense? It’s really a common set of knowledge shared by a group of individuals around a specific set of circumstances.

The reality is, common sense is not common to everyone, but only to those that are part of the group. With many revelations lately, the emerging universal recognition is, most of what we think is true, is not true. Hence the name of this website (“everything is a”). I’m here to challenge what you think you know about a myriad of topics.

You need to understand “They teach you to know what you know“. Knowing anything outside of that demands effort and investigation on your part. You are not encouraged to look outside the box they have put you in.

So what if the common sense that we rely on is flawed because of mis-education, misdirection, dishonestly or some other self serving agenda? The types of decisions we make are bound to be incorrect. We always have to live with our decisions, desired or undesired. It’s the universal law of cause and effect.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see, a person with no inner power, having to look to faith and belief rather than facts for answers, especially when facts are available. That is the current state of 90% of the world, and yet they openly admit that this world is out of control.

So what’s actually out of control and who’s in control? Those in control have brainwashed us individually and collectively to believe that we are not in control, and we bought it. It’s our own thinking or lack of critical thinking. Taking responsibility for our failings puts us back in control, which gives us the power to change our circumstance.

Some popular common sense beliefs:

  • None of this is true but we’ve been enculturated to believe that it is. It’s somebody’s plan that we stay lethargic on the lies of this world. What is interesting is the different levels of deception that drives everyone to the wrong conclusions.

    Let’s begin with the so called “educated with one or more university degrees”, they are deceived by the very nature of their education. Trying to communicate a new idea to them that represents truth that is different from their training (feducation) is virtually a lost cause. They have totally bought into science and lost all contact with real spirituality. They do not listen to their gut instincts.

    Then you have the so called uneducated. They operate on what I call the “everyone else believes it so it must be true”, truth by consensus and follow the crowd. see my other article “Are We Lemmings“. Uneducated people having not much education tend to lean more on gut instinct but are still influenced by the lies floating around in the ether.

    So what’s the net result? Their attempt to fool everyone has worked well so far. I think the natural laws being violated has consequences and at some point the hammer will fall on those who deserve to be crushed.

    In the meantime we can began to be awaken one at a time. when the numbers reach critical mass, something wonderful will happen. We are all bogged down being influenced to rely only on our common sense. What we should really be using is our uncommon sense that lies outside the box. Please understand that ascension is not an option, but a natural raise in the frequency of the planet, which requires all of us to raise our frequency as well. You won’t learn this in school, church, media or any of the usual places where information is disseminated. This Kind of knowledge only resides outside the box.



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