Spirituality Versus Spookism

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Have you ever noticed that in the black community the two most thriving businesses are the church and the liquor store. The church is where you deposit your hard earned money, believing that somehow your pastor has the hook up between you and the divine, and the liquor store is where you get your spirits. Since spirit is the root word of spirituality, maybe there’s a connection, but if it’s so it’s a self destructive and evil connection.

Is that spirituality or spookism? Well the spirituality you can get from spirits (the liquor store), but what are you getting from church? I’m having a hard time coming up with what it is you’re getting, however, I can tell you what your pastor is getting.

The biggest thing your pastor is getting is the 501c3 tax exempt status which ensures that he or she pays no taxes, Your pastor also gets the big house, laid out with the finest accoutrements. The pastor naturally has to have the finest in transportation (Lexus, Mercedes, Bentley, etc. ) Some pastors even have their congregations buy or lease lear jets for the pastor to fly around in (like a corporate executive).

Many who attend these churches (businesses) think it’s perfectly alright because you think donating to the church and paying the pastor to intercede with the divine in your behalf somehow excuses you from your personal responsibility to live an upright life.

Here is where the spookism comes in. Being in denial of your ancestors being forced to worship in an environment under durest  and fear of lashings and even lynching for failing to at least professing to believe what they were told. When they used scripture to justify your existence, treatment, and living conditions, your ancestors were not even allowed to frown, much less complain.

Many of your ancestors were afraid to complain to fellow slaves because that slave might run and tell master to earn himself some brownie points. Are you aware that most lynchings took place right after church services on Sunday? I could say more but I think you got the picture.

I fully understand that our ancestors did whatever they thought they could to survive. If they failed at it, I would not be here. That was then and this is now. While the physical pain is gone, the mental and spiritual trauma still exist today within us. The difference I see today though is that the pastor is not very different as it relates to the rhetoric being delivered to the congregation.

Do you think somehow because we were forbidden to learn to read during slavery that we’re still under that order?

Do you think that because we could not question anything back then, that we still can’t?

Do you think that because we couldn’t complain about anything, we still can’t?

Is that why faith has such a strong hold on our lives, because we need someone else to do it for us, because we can’t!

Black folks” Wake the F**k up!

When it comes to these pastors, It’s not that they don’t know the truth, it’s more of them using your spiritual and mental traumatic memory against you for profit to enrich themselves. It’s amazing that the very same book the slave masters used to indoctrinate and justify their behaviors against your ancestors, is used on you today. Not one word has changed, and you govern your lives around it, along with your pastor’s ear tickling, brain numbing, and soothing rhetoric.

Every black person that I know personally has told me they would not subject themselves to hypnotism, and yet, I think most church goers are all under a type of self hypnosis that is invisible to them, but is embedded in religion

I woke up, and I know a few others that have as well. We talk about it and discussed some of the experiences we had in common. First, my mother made me go to church over my objection. As soon as I was big enough to withstand the whippings for refusing to go, I quit going. I remember being baptized at least three times.

Needless to say that when I became grown I stayed away from religion for over thirty years before letting my guard down. Then in 2013, I tried religion once more thinking that as an adult, I was better able to understand what was being taught to me.

Being the skeptical person that I am, I noticed things that didn’t add up. First, every picture of the person said to be my savior did not look like me. Next, in all of the study literature I kept encountering the characters who did not look like me.

In fact, the only reference in the bible teachings were about the Ethiopian eunuch (a castrated African).

Then it hit me, That savior looked just like my ancestor’s slave master. So, why would that person save me? He might save someone who looks like him.

The final nail in the coffin of religion for me was when I started researching history that preceded Christianity. That began to fill in the blanks for me. The awakening was steady and only required me to suspend belief in lies that I could not prove anyway.

The spookism part is when one is afraid to look outside of what he’s been told but  just hang on to beliefs that can’t be substantiated through history. That’s not difficult unless you’re not open minded and you totally have no belief in yourself.

So in my final analysis spookism and spirituality as practiced through religion is exactly the same. If you don’t know that, it’s because you’re only listening to them and not your inner self whom you have yet to really meet and acknowledge.

When you look into that mirror the person you see looking at you is the real you. Get to know him or her, and ask serious questions about who you really are, instead of what they have made you to be through lies, deception, and your own ego.


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