The Bible – A Book Filled With Questions

Most Christians will argue that the bible is a book of answers, but I’ve always seen it as a book with at least as many questions as answers. It was those questions that led me out of the bible and into history to find some answers that just wasn’t appropriately addressed in the bible.

At first, I reasoned that I just did not understand most of what I had read. While that was true, there was still a lot of confusion that could not be cleared up with explanations that gave me confidence that I was standing on solid ground.

There is also an unseen impediment and force that has been with us from the beginning. That invisible force is the fallen angels and their activity that simply escapes the notice of most people because it’s not physical, it’s spiritual evil forced on a population.

The bible is also cleverly impregnated with codes that the modern language simply can’t illuminate. We’ve been to set up through our lack of understanding to cast spells unknowingly on each other. Just enough truth is always present to perpetuate the lie.

The first and most overriding obstacle I had to confront was that the bible was declared infallible and certainly did not contain any wrong information, since it was supposed to be inspired from God. That worked with me for a while, but eventually, as my understanding grew so did my questions.

I was also encouraged to not look outside of the bible, as the bible had everything I needed for my spiritual journey. So that had me bound to a book that did not satisfy my curiosity or enrich my soul.

With me things have to make some sense, and a lot of what I read did not. In fact, when I began to focus on information outside of the bible, I was shocked to learn just how much information there was.

It turned out to be at least a hundred books available during the time period the bible was said to be written, many of them written by characters of the bible. The book that had an immediate impact on me was the “Book of Enoch“.

The bible only references Enoch three times with just a few details about his life. Once I read the book of Enoch it filled in a lot of detail missing from the bible. The book of Enoch also explained how the earth we live on today got to be the way it is, with fallen angels and evil spirits influencing mankind.

In the bible book of Genesis where the reference to the angels came down to the earth and bore children with women, and produced giants known as the Nephilim, makes sense when you read Enoch’s account. Enoch goes into great detail about the goings on on the earth at the time.

Once you read the book of Enoch, you realize just how much information is being withheld from you. That should also prompt the question, Why! After all your life is said to depend on this one book. That suggest that this book is a matter of life and death, and you are kept in constant fear of death.

There were many other religious writings of the time that for what will become obvious self serving reasons, that were studied by the people for spiritual enlightenment, were left out of the bible.

I concluded that the reason for the omission of these other texts was because they contradicted what was presented in the bible. Many of the excluded books or gospels can be found in the Apocrypha. Books in the apocrypha explain and expand on many of the short references and cryptic accounts found in the bible.

The problem created though is, this more expansive knowledge raises even more questions as it answers others. That lead me on a quest to learn more about how the bible was created and who created it, and why.

What I learned was that Emperor Constantine had a need to consolidate his various territory holdings under a common set of beliefs. He gave the Catholic church the mission to craft a unifying document for the entire empire.

So in 324 AD the council of Nicea was conveined in what is today Turkey. It included 313 Catholic bishops. These bishops pieced together this document that became what we know today as the bible. What came out of the council was the Nicean creed which established the one book, one God, one doctrine.

This laid the groundwork for everything that was to follow. In fact, there were 8 such councils that refined the doctrine and belief system that is still with us today. Now remember, we are told that this is a book from God. It seems to me that God was Emperor Constantine.

That answers the question of how the bible was created. Now we need to understand who created the bible. Emperor Constantine directed the Roman Catholic Church to create the bible. Since there were many other religious books and teachings of that day, there need to be a way to lock in Christian teachings and lock out all others.

That was accomplished by burning all other religious books, and forbidding others to even speak about anything but catholic teachings, with death as a penalty for not going along with Christianity.

In the year 500 AD the Dark Ages were ushered in for a period of 1000 years, where darkness ensued, including the “Black Death” during the 14th century which killed approximately 25 million people In Asia, Europe, and north Africa.

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