The Greatest Story Never Told

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The greatest story never told is synonymous with the greatest deception ever perpetrated. We actually have blacks walking around believing all the lies that have been implanted into their heads about everything.

We need to understand that deception is a process that requires constant reinforcement. This process has millions of reinforcement mechanisms that are at work 24/7 to keep the lies alive and real to many.

In fact, lies, untruths, half lies, omissions and deceit is the order of the day in this false reality. Let’s examine some of these untruths that steers our thinking and our behavior.

Historical Lies

Truth is finally bubbling forth at an astounding rate. This raises new and complicated questions about history and how it was created.

  • Lies about history – almost nothing about the history of this country and your existence in it is true. Schools are not teaching true history, but made up history, and when you’re not aware of of your real history, therein lies the problem.
Blacks Invented Just About Everything

The only thing whites invented was the patent office. That provided the perfect vehicle to steal inventions from blacks who invented things to make their conditions as slaves a little less burdensome.

  • Lies about our contributions – according to what’s been told to you, only a few blacks are given any credit for coming up with anything, which has the effect of marginalizing your self image. Inspiration is cut off at the knees and possibility is crushed
Lies About Our Potential That Are Constantly Debunked

The propaganda that you are encouraged to believe is unbelievable, there fore don’t believe it. Just a little research and you know that you’re being bamboozled. Knowing your history will demonstrate your potential.

  • Lies about our potential – If you, according to history, did nothing significant in the past, why should anyone expect anything from you now. So we’re forced to live in a paralysis of analysis paradigm
Is God Up There Or Down Here

Probably the most controversial subject one can approach, should at least spawn some thought beyond just belief, because of what you’ve been told.

  • Who told you
  • Where’s your proof
  • why do you trust only one book of that time period when there were hundreds of religious writings
  • Do you even know how the ““Holy Bible” was created, and for what purpose

Here is a video for thought.

Warning: You must think to get it.


  • Lies about who we should worship – While worshiping is personal, you should honestly ask your self whether it’s working for you. Remember you’re encouraged to just hang on (in hell) to belief and hope, when it’s obviously working differently for those better off than you (in heaven). But your reward will come later, just hang on.
Who Are You Worshiping

We break down everything into two extremes. The best way to visualize how this works is to imagine a scale. You have good on one end what we consider good, and on the other end, evil. So you should see that it’s all part of element. The only defining part is where actions appear on the scale.


  • Lies about where we came from – You’re expected to embrace the popular lie that you came from Africa during the so called slave trade. In reality, many of you were here when Europeans arrived. In fact, your presence predates the arrival of others by thousands of years. There is no place on the planet where we were not.
How Long Have Blacks Been America

Despite what history has said about where we came from, When Europeans arrived here they found us (indians). History has reversed that truth and deceived many.


  • Lies about how long we’ve been on this planet as opposed to them – We in fact are the originals on this planet, a fact that many so called archeologists don’t want to admit, because it goes against the narrative they’ve created
How Education Politics and Economics Supports Racism

The systematic way in which racism is perpetuated through institutions is something that all blacks had better gain a complete understanding, because you can’t combat the enemy when you don’t fully know him and his methods.

  • Lies of social propaganda – This false notion of superiority, exceptionalism, white supremacy  are all concepts propagated by mass media, education and religion throughout society, which serves to bolster claims made but can no longer be substantiated.
How Was Religion Set For Black People

What and how you believe is no accident, but was planned by those set to rule over you.


  • Lies in education –  that teaches knowledge, culture, and owes it’s existence to perpetuate a certain thought path that serves someone’s aims while denying to you the truth.
How Politics Are Used Against Us

We conveniently accept and believe that politics is something that we can use to assist us in our quest for freedom, While politics without economic power is nothing.


  • Lies of political distractions – Politics by design provides ways to frame arguments and thoughts that excludes real thought and analysis, which would definitely lead to better conclusions. Notice how politicians rarely answer questions directly, but rather respond with what they want to say, or the propaganda they want to promote.

Your brain literally has to work overtime to process through and around all the disinformation you encounter daily. That’s by design, and if you’re not asleep you can and must handle it. Remember, lies are multi layered affairs that have to be continually reinforced.

Of all the forces that affect us, the most damaging is the attack on our spirituality. We are naturally spiritual and therefore upsetting our spiritual balance causes us to think and do things that we wouldn’t otherwise. So if it’s not clear to you, we’re in a spiritual war. A war that they can’t win, but they will settle for us loosing right along with them.

When you understand this, you know what you must do, reclaim and re-energize your spirituality. Accept nothing on it’s face which most likely is a deception. Be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you have evidence and confidence in what’s being presented to you. Once you know the pattern, you know how to validate what you’re being told.

The more you practice validating information, the better you become at doing it. When you instill this in your children, the closer they can live truth, and you know what they say “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. It also calls on an ancient African admonition “Man know thyself”.

The very last thing your controllers want is for millions of you to see clearly and to know yourselves. Let me leave you with one more truth that they also don’t want you to know, “To know thou self is to know GOD

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