The Handcuffs Of Religion

Most people think they know the real meaning of the word religion, but they might be shocked to learn what they think is wrong. In Italian the word is religare which means to bind. Another rendering for religion in Italian is religio which means to bond or obligate.

That definition can easily be applied to anyone incarcerated, however most believers don’t see themselves in that position, but mentally and spiritually they are bound to a set of beliefs made up to control their behavior.

The “great deception” religious believers are told is coming has really been here for over two thousand years, and we’ve all been a victim of it. The irony is that none of the religious leaders informed their followers.

There is said to be more than 40 thousand Christian denominations worldwide. They all teach their followers that life’s answers including the end of life is in the control of someone or something outside of themselves. The question I always ask is why was I provided with a brain and a free will if I’m forbidden to use them.

The current biblical and religious story has been told and re-told many times and still continues to instill fear of whats to come, while the here and now goes unnoticed.

It really prompts many questions among thinkers such as why are we here, why does man seek to dominate other men, what is really fair or is that a fairy tale? How bad does it have to get before someone steps in, or should it be us that step in? Inquiring minds want to know.

The short answer is – we’re the ones given the brain, what are we waiting for? I personally think we are on drugs despite our denials. The truth is, religion is the drug we’re addicted to, and we have been our entire lives, which is why most can’t see it.

We look in the mirror every day and can’t recognize our savior, because it’s us. President Obama tried to tell us when he said “We are who we’ve been waiting for”. There have been many clues that most of us have ignored

Honestly, from my prospective, religion is a drug that has practically impelled the entire world into a drug induced coma. From birth we have sensed that there was something or someone greater. What we did not know was that we were given everything we need to succeed within ourselves, but were taught to show reverence to those we perceive as being above us. We were taught by society and family to honor who and what is responsible for us being here.

Little did we know that our sense of reverence and commitment was co-opted through religion by a group of elitists with the intent of conquering and controlling the entire population.

The good news is things are changing. We are in store for a “Conscience Renaissance”. This has a profound impact on individuals on earth. Four major components will play a part.

Genetics – Those paying attention may detect changes internally, brought about in part by changes in dna. We have what scientists have labeled junk dna, however as things are changing, changes are also occuring in dna, and we are waking up.

Consiousness – There is a movement in consciousness among those who have decided to question the narrative provided to us as our reality. The earth and cosmos is changing and so are we.

Spirituality – While we were taught that our primary existence on this plane is physical, It is actually a spiritual happening some of which is being manifested physically.

Cosmic – The cosmos houses the eternal clock which cycles through the astrological signposts, and also the procession of the Equinox. Actually time has been altered via the Gregorian calendar which puts us out of sync with the cosmos.

Currently we are collectively living in what is known as third density. That is the lowest form of human existence, and we have all the problems to show it, such as war, poverty, crime, homelessness, depression, starvation, sickness, fear, and so on. The earth however is moving on, and soon we will be faced with a higher density, fourth density. The problem for us is one of preparation and acceptance.

There are things we need to do to be ready and compliant with fourth density existence. This is something you won’t hear from your local pastor, church, politician, educator, academia, science, or any traditionalist. They either are paying no attention or are completely unaware of what’s coming , and where we’re headed.

There is an energetic shift taking place that is oh so subtle, and yet personal growth is lagging behind on the part of oblivious humans. The tactic is, they tell you what they intend to do to you, but you have to give tacit approval by either agreeing with what they want or doing nothing to oppose them.

It’s important to know that the war we’re in is spiritual, but your spirituality is compromised, you can’t see or defend it. When you can’t identify the enemy, you can’t defend yourself against that enemy.

Speaking of energy, there are entities that survive and thrive on your negative energy (thoughts), such as ignorance, fear, racism, violence, wars, and every vile activity you probably detest and wish you could end.

My conclusion is, religion has no place in the lives of people, except for methods of control. You may not want to believe this at this point in your life. At the very least you need to disconnect religion from spirituality.

Religion and spirituality were commingled in order to convince you of the various dogmas presented to you as true religion. That’s what locks you down and keeps your mind closed, and reticent about asking questions about the world around you.

2013 is when I realized that I was waking up and suddenly I would look up and I could see a pin hole in the veil. Thankfully many holes have appeared and are larger than a pin hole. I hope you begin to look up and see that there is much beyond the surface we’re living on.

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