The Legacy Of The Welfare State

Like many Blacks, I spent most of my time and attention blaming many of my current problems on slavery. I knew that my psysike had been affected in multiple ways and naturally I blamed it on something most of us seemed to have in common, the legacy of slavery.

Although slavery had it’s effects, there were some who refused (out of necessity) to be fully encumbered by obstacles, as they moved forward. You have to dig to learn about these heros, because there are some who would be perfectly satisfied with you not knowing the truth.

However, I learned better once I found out about “Black Wall Street” and other very successful efforts of Blacks to take control of their own destiny. In fact, “Black Wall Street” had more prosperous enclaves that was the envy of the business community. Now we all know what happened, but that does not change the facts. How did we forget those powerful lessons?

Also, single parent households were substantially lower (approx. 20%) prior to the period before F. D. Roosevelt became president. The real decline came in the 1960s, with the establishment of the the New Deal, for it also brought about a free everything state of mind, along with Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty”. Many poor Blacks fell into the mindset of free food, free housing, and free victim hood.

Probably the largest and long lasting casualty of the welfare state was fatherless homes which has led to moral decay on a grand scale. The emergence of gangs, violence, lack of respect for authority can all be laid at the feet of the welfare state and an ever evolving shifting of morality.

One thing that Blacks can’t run away from, themselves, but they are constantly trying. There are some issues within our own communities that we refuse to sit down and have an honest discussion about. Until we do that, that shadow that the light casts on each of us is a reminder of what we need to do. The cognitive dissonance is holding us back.

Many Blacks try to downplay and minimize the impact of the welfare state and it’s effects on Black thinking. Don’t believe me, just look around at the people you know and interact with every day. Are they taking responsibility or are they complaining about what somebody else is not doing. It’s interesting to note that centuries of slavery, Black codes and Jim Crow did not destroy the Black Family, but just one generation of the Welfare state did.

We often hear that slavery was a terrible thing, and it was. Consider this, I have more money, more opportunity and more freedom than anyone I know in Africa. It’s all a matter of prospective. When you change the way you see things, the things you see will change. You would be hard pressed to find anyone from Nigeria homeless and poor. Why, because they see America different from you do, and they appreciate what they see.

What we have going is a complete misunderstanding of where we are and how we got here. Failure to properly analyze our current condition after the war on poverty and the New Deal leads many to believe that we need more of what got us here in the first place.

Failure to recognize the utter disaster of our education system (8 out of 10 can’t read at grade level) and believe it or not, among athletes it’s as bad or worse. Many athletes end up broke because they can’t do simple math and are not encouraged to learn how to manage their own wealth.

What’s not generally known is even so called educated people suffer the injustice of mis education. Students at all levels are being indoctrinated through curriculum that pushes left leaning ideas and propaganda, this practice has been going on for over 50 years. It’s practically impossible to go through the education system and not become biased towards left leaning views.

Even you Blacks that think you were educated, you were really exposed to feducation. In other words you were fed points of view that had absolutely no diversity. You were also conditioned to accept no counter arguments to your indoctrinated point of view.

For those of you with high school or less, there’s the fake news media, television, movies, commercials and so on. All these thing are in place to keep you distracted and informed as to what they want you to believe. There is nothing like Hollywood for telling you what to think.

Speaking of Hollywood and the media, they’re now promoting soft men and hard women. That’s what inspired the term “Snowflake”. For good measure they threw in gender confusion. I’ve actually lost count of all the contrived genders they’ve come up with. The greatest gift given to mankind was the gift of procreation. It’s absolutely necessary for the survival of the species.

But you have abortion working against the survival of the species (especially Blacks), What part of genocide is not understood here? Then there is Margaret Sanger (co-founder of what was to become Planned Parenthood) . Her goals for Black births were clear. She wanted to eliminate them.

Against the backdrop of everything laid out here, Blacks have some decisions to make about their future. The problems are clear and numerous. Taking responsibility is the only course available. Under the right circumstances this could be turned around in a generation. It’s time to get busy.

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