The Psychology Of Hate

Being a minority on this planet you have a clear idea of what hate is. We even think we know who is doing the hate and where the hate comes from. I’m here to tell you that you don’t know the half of it. It really goes much deeper than you think.

We readily acknowledge the hate and mistreatment suffered by those of us who are not white. History is replete with all the evidence that is available to corroborate how we are treated.

The fact that we are the largest population on this planet is no accident. When explorers (conquerors and colonizers) arrived wherever they landed, they found blacks there, who had been there for thousands of years. This is an undeniable fact, and there is a reason. We are the original inhabitants and we certainly did not evolve from apes.

Many blame the so called Willie Lynch Letter as the catalyst to the negative programming we seem to be infused with. I’m sure if it’s true it would be easy to understand some of what we experience.

Many see hate and love as being different and distinct from each other, but actually they are of the same origin, only separated by degree. In other words you can put love on one side of the bar and put hate on the other side of the same bar. Realizing this, you can say there are degrees of love and hate.

It can be inferred that love and hate are not absolutes, but exists on a sliding scale. That explains how love can turn to hate and vice versa. It can also be realized that love and hate are acts bound to emotions and play out in the physical as emotional happenings.

So why is there so much outwardly expressed hate in the world? One of the biggest secrets out there is, much of it is externally created and is part of the overall plan to keep people divided. When I say externally created I mean the source is implanted within you through various means, and you just play it out.

It really goes to the question, why do you think what you think. Most would reply – I think what I want. Well, where did the want come from? So when I say that we’ve all been compromised, this is what I mean. Thankfully some are beginning to question why the think as they do, in an attempt to discover why everything seems to be going wrong.

Let’s look at slavery for instance. You hear very little if anything about indentured servitude that went on in Europe, especially during the dark ages. If you’re indentured you are a slave, but we dare not call it that. That practice continued until the 1500s which ushered in the renaissance (or rebuilding).

It was also during the 1500s when the Catholic church blessed the idea of removing inhabitants from Africa to be slaves in Europe and the island nations to do work they did not want to do. You have to understand that leading up to this period, there was much war, plagues, starvation, poverty, and disease in Europe, another thing no one wants to talk about.

Frankly, Europe needed an outlet and The America’s became that relief valve. While history tries to convince us that religious freedom is what they were seeking, food and sustenance was also prominently in the mix.

Because of the actions of the Catholic church a whole new narrative emerged. Before the 1500s the term racism did not exist, because if it had existed it would have been directed at people who looked just like themselves.

Instead, it pointed at these newly enslaved people who happened to have black skin. Knowing this should relieve any black person of any self guilt or feelings of inferiority, because you were driven down to the bottom of everything.

This brings me to the subject of self hate. Too many of us drag this ball and chain around as if we deserve it. The main reason why we can’t express love (Especially to others like ourselves) is that we don’t love ourselves, which makes it impossible to love others. Everything within us suggests that hating ourselves is a disservice and offers nothing positive in our lives. Where did that idea come from?

We must learn to look in the mirror and forgive ourselves, although we’ve done nothing wrong, except become infused with a poison pill containing self hate, confusion, and doubt. Religions have gone so far as to tell you (using the bible) that “the heart is treacherous,who can know it”

One thing I do know is, the heart is the seat of motivation, and would do nothing to hurt or injure itself. (it won’t self terminate) The heart is the very first manifestation of one’s self, and is the foundational part of the total body system, which is dedicated to preserving itself. So how could I not trust it.

What I should be suspicious of is the negative energies and spirits that continues to divide and conquer, right down to separating the heart from the rest of the body as somehow being against one’s self.

Part of forgiving yourself involves questioning what you know and where it came from. Even your experience is based on what you’ve observed within the context of what you know. It’s now time to ask questions and reassess the information you were given.

The cosmos is calling from many quarters for this reevaluation to take place and reveal a higher truth. It all begins with loving yourself, which in turn opens access to frequencies that allow acknowledgement of everything else.

I once heard a radio personality say “Love is the answer, who cares what the question is”. All your life you probably heard the admonishment “Love your neighbor as you love yourself. It’s as simple as that.

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