The World Is In A Collective Coma

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I’ve not met anyone who disagrees with me that indeed the there is great concern about the many things going on in this world. Most are at a lost to explain it. Some say it’s Satan The Devil, some say it’s the secret societies, aliens, and other controlling forces. Still some say it’s man’s decline in morality that is the cause of the problem.

In reality, It’s likely all the previously mentioned reasons as well as others we have yet to discover. One of the most difficult things for man to do is step outside of himself and examine the world around him, without that implanted influence that tends to color what he sees and subsequently thinks.

For most, this might be news, but for a fortunate few who realize that we were infused with, a program that overwrote most if not all of our ancestral knowledge, replacing and or obscuring it with base knowledge and thinking that keeps us unable to discern truth. So our reasoning ability is hampered and confused. In essence, we don’t know who we really are, and we don’t even know it.

There is much to this thinking man’s universe that man fails to think about. That is precisely what I mean when I say “The World Is In A Collective Coma”.

Over the past 150 years there have been deep thinkers that have tried to awaken us, such as Nikola Tesla, Aliester Crowley, and Aldus Huxley to name just a few famous ones, that you may have heard of.

There have always arisen opposition to minimize the impact of their efforts of speaking Truth. The opposers have all the tools in place i.e. Media, Science, Religion, Education, politics and medicine to keep us asleep.

Despite those efforts however, some are waking up and looking around. What they see is both enlightening and scary at the same time. They now realize that most of the people around them are asleep. They feel an obligation to wake them up, but it’s almost impossible.

Then when those waking up realize how long they themselves have been asleep, they begin to understand the scope and difficulty of the problem. If you’ve been drugged and don’t realize that you’re operating under the influence of that drug, you take issue with anyone calling you drunk.

Furthermore, this drunk was passed on to you from your parents whom you love and trust. Why would they knowingly do that to you except it was done to them as well.

It’s pretty accurate to say that we’ve been on this drug since at least the 1600s, so our forefathers got it and passed it down the line to us. We do live in an age where information is everywhere screaming to be noticed. Sadly, many fail to pay any attention to it.

I find it ironic that we consciously watch the news daily to know what’s going on, and never ask the question “What’s really going on”. Maybe the answer to that is too uncomfortable to deal with. It will require looking inward rather than outward, which implies responsibility.

We become like water taking the path of least resistance. Remaining ignorant of the truth is no more than willful ignorance in the face of all the information available.

Professing to having a connection to the divine and not being in touch with the divine in yourself is an oxymoron. The only real connection to the divine is through the divine in you. That’s what spirituality really is.

Understanding that there is a war against your spirituality is crucial to defending and protecting it. It’s the only thing you have that can’t be taken away, unless you let it.

In case you have difficulty wrapping your head around the information contained in this article, maybe this video will provide the some additional clues.




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