They Went To The Moon 6 Times

Many people believe that NASA went to the moon. The claim is that they went 6 times. At one time I believed it. I even spent my working career in and around the space industry. I never questioned what I was told because it was all over the media and besides, you had all these very smart people like scientists, engineers of every type all basically saying the same thing.

One of life’s big lessons is that “believing without questioning is the road to ruin” because they are happy to lead you down the Yellow Brick Road.

Many think that the year 2012 had some profound significance. For me personally, I began to notice more videos and evidence that what I thought was happening was really something else entirely.

When I saw those supposed photos of our earth, and later learned someone from NASA admitted that they were composites (images put together from various sources), really rocked my world. What that experience also did was it opened my mind to other questions. Questions like why was it necessary to build a composite image of earth when all you had to do was use a camera and take pictures. Do cameras not work in space?

The next question I had was who remained on the moon to take the video of the lunar landing vehicle departing the moon on it’s way back to earth. Apparently, cameras did work on that occasion.

The next question is what happened to all the footage shot in connection with the various moon trips. NASA says that film footage was somehow lost or misplaced, or destroyed. Do you really believe that the most significant accomplishment in the history of the U. S. would just disappear?

There is not much more I will say except this “If you don’t question what you’ve been told about NASA going to the moon one time, let alone eight times, then I guess you may be Lost In Space.

There is supposed to be something called the Van Allen Radiation belt around the earth that begins about 1000 miles above the earth. The moon is said to be 238,000 miles away, so how did they get there and back through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, a 25,000 mile thickĀ  dangerous radiation region of space.

Maybe this video will help open eyes of the blind.


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