We Need A Trumplican Party

When Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president, most of America saw it as some kind of stunt or gimmick to garner attention. I looked at it and thought “how bad could he be, compared to those who came before him”. I tuned out on politics years ago, but did observe the actions of those so called presidents.

I’ve heard comments like G.W. Bush was bad enough that, we chose Obama. Obama was bad enough that we chose Trump. It’s debatable as to whether that was how it happened. But I’m sure glad it did.

Trump brought a lot of bluster and made a lot of promises, but the main difference is, he delivered. He brought a perspective on the country, it’s problems, and world conditions that made more sense to me than I’ve heard in 30 years. I’m sure many other Americans heard what I heard. In fact, I reasoned that if he delivered on just 10% of his promises, he would be different.

Well, he delivered on much more than 10%, it was more like 70% and counting. I wonder if people appreciate what a monumental accomplishment that is. People want to give Obama a pass for the opposition he faced. Well Trump faced it from republicans and democrats, and is still facing it from many quarters today. But that didn’t stop him. His character would not let him loose. That’s a man’s man and not a mamby pamby.

Imagine president Donald Trump walking into the White House and not knowing who to trust, even among your staff. I’m sure there are still Rinos (republicans in name only) in his administration today. I am equally sure there are “Swamp Creatures” around as well. Through it all Mr. Trump soldiered on and made things happen.

Trump Administration Accomplishments

  • Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
  • Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
  • Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
  • Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
  • Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
  • Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
  • Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
  • Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
  • Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
  • Beginning to build a “promised” wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico
  •  Record Breaking Stock Market
  • More people working than at any time in US history
  • Highest recorded GDP in US history.
  • Tax plan passed benefiting Americans and American companies.
  •  Rebuilding the military.
  • Cutting funding to sanctuary cities.
  • Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines
  •  Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
  • Exiting the US from the TPP.

This is by no means a complete list as the accomplishments keep stacking up. Curiously, the mainstream media refuses to tell the American people about all these positive things done for America. Instead, there is a concerted effort deny the American people truth that is crucial in understanding what’s going on in America.

Those in the swamp and those who are the benefiting elites recognize that Trump is changing America back to where it was (the America of 1776) which would dismantle the corruption, cronyism and control we are living under.

There are actually two types of psychosis which the concerned public should be aware of, TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and PTSD (Post Trump Stupidity Disorder). These maladies seem to be in the ethos, affecting all those under this spell.

It’s very important to consider the essential things President Trump put in place is not reversed by Democrats and Rinos. It’s also important to realize that all the executive orders that the president has signed, that have paved the way for much of the progress that Americans have benefited from. The reason for the executive orders in the first place is because Democrats and some Republicans have opposed Trump’s every effort.

As of 2019 President has signed some 121 executive orders, some the public is aware of and many they are not aware of, thanks to the negligence of the main stream media. There is no appetite to inform the public about anything positive done by the Trump administration. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that many of these actions could not be dealt with legislatively because of Democrat opposition.

Maintain the progress

In reality, the so called swamp is composed of Democrats and Republicans. This means that the environment as a whole is corrupt. Unless the swamp is cleaned up and a new environment created, problems will not go away, just silenced as it reconstitutes.

I think we need a new political party, The Trumplican Party, which should be committed to the values and principals established through the actions of President Donald Trump, otherwise as soon as Trump leaves, They will be right back to their old tricks. It would be extremely naive to believe that something that has gone on for 100 years will suddenly vanish.

  • Strong America
  • Strong Defense
  • Real fair trade
  • Strict adherence to the constitution
  • Securing the border
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Protection of Human Life (all )
  • More and better jobs with higher incomes

While no political party will ever be perfect, fair, open and honest political debate of ideas without labeling, name calling, and attempts to shut down the other side, is at the heart of our inability to come together. This opposition is generated by those who animate the swamp.

I don’t believe we can get the honesty we deserve from either of the major parties as they exist today. Could they change, I don’t think so because their attitudes are baked into the cake so to speak. In short, culture has been indelibly scarred from the corruption, financial interests, accusations and deception embedded from both sides.

We know what has happened over the last hundred yours, the question is, what will happen over the next hundred years.

Message to Minorities

Politically, many, too many sat out the last 100 years and we see the result of that. We need to become fully engaged and stay engaged. Freedom ain’t Free, no matter what lies they tell us. The answers are not in some church listening to someone who may or may not have your interest at heart, or listening to some would be politician bloviate about he will do, and then don’t. There is no escaping responsibility.

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