What Does It Mean To Be Conscious

You get all kinds of answers to the question of what it means to be conscious. Some would simply say it means to be awake as opposed to sleeping. Others might say it means to be aware of what’s going on around them. It is clear that consciousness occurs on many levels at the same time.

The consciousness that is being talked about around the world today by a select group of individuals is consciousness of self, of spirit, of the cosmos, that universal connection, which is required to move persons to a higher level (frequency and dimension), in order to escape the world we’re trapped in today.

The world we live in today is filled with things we obviously don’t need. We spend too much of our time and effort struggling with obstacles put into our path that distracts us and keeps us in fear, in doubt, and confusion. These negatives affects our thinking, health, spirituality and sense of well being.

When we talk about someone waking up, we’re mainly referring to a person who has come into certain information that challenges previous assumptions about a certain belief. Only certain people have a open mind and the curiosity that allows them to question what they see and hear.

If you have such a curiosity and an ability to look at things abstractly, you are not asleep, and waking up is a choice you can make, if you haven’t already. I’ve met individuals who claim to not be asleep, and yet new information has no effect on their lives.

An important thing to understand about consciousness is the “unlearn to learn paradigm” where you have to clean out some old irrelevant information in order to digest new information. That can be too difficult for some, so they straddle the fence, attempting to hold on to two truths that are diametrically opposed.

The theme of this site is “Everything is a lie”. The reason is, everything you were taught about this world is untrue, however most can’t see it and are therefore oblivious to the overall deception at play. To become conscious, first you have to recognize that everything you’ve been told is a lie.

Of course enlightened change doesn’t occur overnight, rather it’s one uncovered lie at a time. It’s like unpeeling an union, layer by layer. It’s typically rough at first as sacred cows hard to dismiss. This deception even has people using their thinking ability incorrectly.

So, in addition to acknowledging that it’s all lies, people also need the humility to reach out for answers. When that happens information will start to flow. This information can sometimes come so fast that it might seem overwhelming. There are cosmic and spiritual forces that have been patiently waiting for you to make this move.

One of the more surprising aspects of this is where much of this new information is coming from. Would you be surprised to learn that deep within yourself much information resides, and has been there all along. You’ve just been so distracted that you didn’t recognize it.

There are two things that we all posses that we’ve been ignoring – Intuition and Instinct. That came as part of our human package, but we’re encouraged not to pay attention to them. We were not taught the real way the heart-brain connection works.

You are oriented to over use the left brain that relies primarily on logic and intellect, rather than the right brain that is directed by the heart along with intuition and instinct. There is a reason they didn’t teach you this. There is some spiritual stuff going on here.

One phenomenon that illustrates a connection to like minded entities is the 100 monkeys incident. People can argue about what it demonstrated, but they can’t credibly argue that it didn’t happen. What it proves to me is that good intentions will strengthen a cosmic connection while bad intentions will not.

From my prospective, this living arrangement was set up with man having a choice, and choices have consequences. Some call it karma, some call it cause and effect. Whatever you call it, It’s taken to task by the universe, which has no interest in intentions that oppose the natural order of things.

Speaking metaphysically, most scientists acknowledge that we’re trapped in the third dimension, attributed by some to the age Pisces. We’re either in or entering the age of Aquarius, whose astronomical symbol is the water bearer of truth, which is why real truth is becoming more abundant.

Even if you believe in the bible, it makes no mention of anything or anyone physical entering into what you perceive as heaven, only spirits can reside in heaven. Disconnecting The idea of God or the Creator from the bible is crucial to our understanding. We are all aspects of God having a human experience.

To exit this third dimension and ascend to a higher place of existence is well within each of us. We have to earn our way through increased knowledge, awareness, and internal improvement, letting go of so much of the physical world and embracing more of the spiritual.

On that note, it is my humble opinion, based on my research is that the bible is a tool, used to disconnect you from yourself and connect you to something or someone outside of yourself, where you have no power to do anything but pray to someone else for the help you seek.

This is not to argue that there is no truth in the bible, rather it’s contents are entangled with truths, lies, and agendas of control that exceeds our understanding. I didn’t begin to understand anything about the bible until I ventured outside of it. The book of Enoch is what did it for me.

This is in stark contrast to gifts you were supplied with such as heart, intuition and instinct, which should govern free will. Unreasoned and ungoverned free will is like giving a loaded revolver to a three year old. Your control mechanisms are built inside you.

The earth is changing and beckoning all those who seek truth to get on board. It will be only a relative few who will heed the call. Will you be one of them?

See you on a higher level

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