What Has He Done For You Lately

You could answer this question one of two ways. You could say God has done nothing for you lately, or you could say that God has done everything for you, including life, a beautiful earth to live on, and promising hope for the future.

I would also say that the answer involves your concept of who and what God is to you. If you think God is a person, you are limiting a limitless entity. Can that be done? I don’t think so!

Just because a scripture in the bible say “Let us Make man in our image”, we attempt to assign a masculine persona to God, because man is patterned after God(s). Well, if you read that scripture carefully, you would have notice the plural nature of that phrase, namely “us” and “our“.

That would seem to suggest to me that there is more than one God, yet we always refer to God in the singular. Which is it! Man has developed a narcissistic, patriarchal, self serving view and attitude which has literally ruined the earth for all of earth’s inhabitants.

So who’s doing whatever is being done, “God” or “the Gods”? Is it possible that it might be you? These are things that humans refuse to consider. I am humored greatly by watching sports teams and their rituals before games. Both games illicit the support of God for a win, yet only one team wins.

So why did God pick one team over the other to win? Maybe he picked neither. Maybe God really doesn’t care. If I were God, I certainly would not care about a game, with everything else going on in the world.

What about wars? Why would the creator of all pick and choose sides in conflicts? Does God favor one part of his creation over another, or one religion over another? Would that be just and fair? Common sense would say no, unless you are not thinking.

What about blessings? If you’re going through a rough patch financially, and you’ve prayed for some relief, why do some get relief and others do not? Did they not pray right, or maybe God is really not directly involved that process, but you are convinced to believe that He is.

What about Inner Earth Beings? Are they under the same God as you? If not who is their God? First of all, most humans don’t even know or believe that there are beings living below the earth. Frankly, humans are the most deceived, ignorant and unaware inhabitants on this planet.

What they don’t realize is that this deception is by design, and has caused most people to be married to this set of beliefs, which are self defeating. No one wants to believe that God made evil as well as good? If He made everything, he certainly must have made both, evil and good.

Most are not aware of mind control (MK-ULTRA) that has been in use since the 1960s at least. Much of what you hear of that is deplorable is likely caused by mind control activities. If this is your first time hearing of this, you got a lot of catching up to do. And most importantly where is God in all of this?

After supposedly giving you free will, would he then support or sanction your mind being controlled by others? Is He doing anything to stop it, or is it up to you to stop it.

Do you think that God makes conscious decisions about who lives and who dies? If you think he does, what criteria is his decision based on? Is he blind to starving babies in Africa, or homeless persons caught up in the real estate foreclosure crisis brought on by the 2007 market crash.

Those unscrupulous bankers who made out like bandits, were actually bandits. Were they favored by God for something good they did, or does God dole out luck? Exactly what is God doing about these extreme weather events?

You see, you can’t just praise God for the good that happens to you without blaming him for the catastrophes you suffer. Remember, God created all things, and should get credit for it all, Unless it’s not really God doing these things.

What if this whole inserted belief system is all wrong, and each of us are gods with the capability to have a human set of experiences that connect through consciousness to the universe, because the universe has the only set of laws which cannot be broken without consequences.

This thing called karma is a function of universal law. If you want to call that God, then so bee it. What I know is you can’t beat it or escape it, although I’m sure many have tried.

People thank God everyday for their perceived good fortune, however they don’t thank him for the bad things that happen. In fact here is where they separate God from the Devil. This is so they can blame the bad on someone other than God. But God made everything, right!

I truly hope that some of you are beginning to see the rediculousness of that line of thinking, that has infused your brain with misinformation and confusion. If you are confused, it’s probably because you never ventured outside the bible for any answers.

I’m always amazed that whenever I’m involved in a discussion of a spiritual nature, people try to use scriptures from the bible to prove a biblical point. That tells me that their whole realm of knowledge stems from what they learned from the bible or so called bible teachers. That’s tantamount to trying to prove a negative.

I’m a firm believer that God has a lot to say. Actually, I believe he has already said it through nature, which embodies all his laws, and through the cosmos where our spiritual connection emanates from. Meanwhile, there is a scripture that says the temple of God resides within you.

So the most important question is not what has god done for you lately, but what have you done for yourself lately, because you are God having an earthly experience.

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