What’s Wrong With Hip Hop

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Before hip hop there was a thing called rap music. It was not the good old soul music that expressed feelings and carried messages (some positive and some negative). But the ideas at least were cogent and clear. Quite frankly, I credit the music in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s with infusing me with moralistic thoughts about love, commitment, the world, and my place in it.

Then in the 80s rap appeared on the scene. I didn’t like it as well as what I called real music, but it did carry some cogent and positive messages. For the most part, these artists were not musicians as I understood them, but rather lyricists with a beat and a message. In the end I eventually came to terms with the genre.

Then rap took on a sinister face referred to as gangsta rap. That was a response to police brutality and carried some righteous indignation, because the brutality was not imaginary, it was real. Somewhere in there was the seed that began to turn to the dark side and began to hate just about everyone, even one’s self. So now hip hop was born.

I think no one saw or paid attention to the motivations from a higher level, to steer things in a particular direction. In fact, no one realized that they were being manipulated except the ones doing the steering.

The first and most obvious thing to me is that the music industry will only pay, promote, reward and elevate those artists who will tow the line of filth. Now, if you as blacks don’t realize that this is for your destruction. Look around at whats happening! Now try and convince yourself that you have no part in that destruction.

It would be inaccurate to call all hip hop negative, because some of it is conscious and positive, and that’s a good thing. Sadly though, what is promoted is the negative aspect of hip hop, which serves the interest of those controlling and distracting us.

The record companies, executives, artists, disc jockeys and so forth all play a roll in destroying our communities. But in order to make a living, artists are forced to bow to the heathen, with no concern for the consequences.

Today we even see the leanings of secret societies creeping into hip hop more and more, as men are displayed wearing dresses, kissing and engaging in all types of abhorrent behavior, because to make and keep their lifestyle, this is a requirement.

We readily acknowledge the moral depravity of drug dealers spreading poison in our communities but somehow willing to tolerate contamination of our minds with garbage hip hop, what’s the difference?

When you study history, one thing is clear. All great societies crumble by rotting from the inside, and collapsing in on itself. Scientifically, the age of reason for a male comes into play fully somewhere between 20 and 27 years of age, so how is a child exposed to this stuff supposed to be able to correctly process the vulgar information presented in some hip hop music.

I personally don’t expect the controllers to care, because I know they have an agenda, but what about you, and what is your agenda, beyond getting paid? Do you really believe that there is no consequence to all of this?

More than anything else hip hop is a business conflated with culture in a way that locks the artist into a paradigm that supports the aims of the controllers, while making it seem to the rest of us it’s just freedom of expression.

Since as a people we’re under such oppression, no jobs, no justice, no peace, the question I have is, what is hip hop doing to help with that. It reminds me of these pimp preachers who pad their pockets while their parishioners remain in poverty and ignorant.

Intelligent people know that we’ve been kept from knowing our true history, yet the hip hop industry will never promote any artist willing to say to his people what is real. Ironically, more white youth listen to and support hip hop than blacks, so we don’t want to adequately educate them either.

Tell me if I got this right: As a music company executive, I need you to compose and perform messages of murder, sex exploitation, female objectification, black incarceration, mental genocide and all things negative to the black community.

If you don’t truly understand spirituality, something that they don’t posses. What they do know is corrupting your spirituality, you remain off centered in your thinking and always struggle with inner conflicts, for which you have no answers.

Mental incarciration (mentacide) is the during and after slavery technique being employed on black people, and hip hop plays a major impact on the youth. Since the parents don’t particularly care for that music, they are not paying enough attention to its caustic nature.

In my opinion the four most destructive forces suffered by blacks in America are:

  • Economic Oppression
  • Hip Hop
  • Religion
  • Moral Depravity

The good news is that all three can be dealt with but first black people need to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and realize who they really are.

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