White Guilt vs Black Victim hood

There is a serious divide in America. It’s not what you think. It’s not rich versus poor or Black versus white, or haves versus have nots. It’s really much more subtle than that. It’s been lurking just below the surface for decades. Before I spell it out, let’s explore the reason it exists.


It started with the slave trade, of course. But did you know that slavery existed a thousand years earlier with the Arabs. Did you know that Some Africans themselves owned slaves. So the trade began with Africans selling other Africans. The Europeans bought slaves from the Africans, who went out and caught these slaves to sell.

All through history there has been slavery of many types, long before the so called African slave trade. So Blacks are not the only people with a legacy of slavery in their DNA. Remember the word slavery itself comes from the “Slavics” who were at one time enslaved.

So it’s fair to say that slavery of old in the classic sense came about as the result of wars – “To the victor goes the spoils“. Africans enslaved by other Africans probably came about in a similar way. So let’s face our own history. By the way, because of what’s going on at the border, there is more slavery through sex and drug trafficking than at any time in history?

While I’m on the subject of slavery what about reparations? Who should pay, the Europeans who purchased us from Africans, or the Africans who sold us to the Europeans? So now, let’s move on to the present state of affairs in America. It has been really revealing that Blacks are finally realizing and acknowledging the fact that we’ve been lied to about everything, even slavery.

We don’t know who did it to us, so we don’t know who to blame. Those people have long since died. We don’t know why we are still carrying around this ball and chain mentality or how to get rid of it. We really don’t know who we are, nor do we know that we can change who we are. The only thing many of us feel is that we are victims.

It’s important to focus on the notion of feelings. None of the liberating techniques were ever taught to us in school, church, or by our parents because they did not know. The easiest thing in the world to do is feel sorry for yourself and make all your problems someone else’s fault. The next easiest thing to do is to sit back and complain, and see who comes to your rescue. Over the last 5 decades, we’ve done that quite well.

We’ve also done a good job of ridiculing those who dared to elevate themselves through study and hard work. We used handy phrases like “He thinks he’s white because of how he speaks”, “soon as he gets a little money, he moves out of the community”, “Now he’s educated he’s a republican all of a sudden”. You’ve heard similar smears I’m sure. None of this negative and limited thinking has helped anyone, but has contributed to victim hood.


On the other side of the divide is White guilt. This is the main tool of the leftist liberal. This opens the door for race hustling, projection, shadow banning, white privilege, white supremacy, gentrification and gatekeepers.

Well meaning liberals have been duped as well. Although well meaning, many whites have been pulverized with racist slander. There is much confusion over the difference between leftists and liberals. Leftists have appropriated the term liberal to blur the distinction between the two.

Whites see troubled situations all over this country and want to respond to some of these issues, but they have obstacles to understand and overcome. Some of those issues are gatekeepers, race hustlers, identity Politics, virtue signaling, unintended incentives, false narratives and subversive groups (i.e. Black Lives Matters, meToo Movement, Antifa, Alt right etc.)

Empathetic whites don’t realize that they have been sandwiched between victim promoting blacks and white leftist liberals that have an agenda that keeps America divided. The difference between leftists and liberals can be quite contrasting. Liberal Whites need to realize that Blacks don’t need anybody’s sympathy, but demands respect based on character and effort, as they are waking up from the fog of the left.

Liberals are being pulled further left from the classical liberal definition, so much so that most liberals don’t even realize that they are now on the slippery slope of becoming leftists. These are characteristics of leftists

  • One distinctive feature of leftist liberals is keeping race front and center.
  • They hurl charges of xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia , transphobia, racism, sexism, violent and imperialistic
  • Advocacy of socialism
  • Advocacy of Nazism
  • Opposes nationalism
  • Advocate open borders
  • Suppression of free speech calling it hate speech
  • Advocate Choice (abortion)
  • Advocate multiculturalism
  • Political correctness
  • Support social justice warriors
  • Social Media seeks to defame, deplatform and destroy those on the conservative side
  • Advocates for a permanent underclass

All these terms are designed to elicit a positive emotional reaction from the left’s true believers while simultaneously seeking to shame the individuals or groups at which those terms are aimed.

So if you are white and you say anything that disagrees with the leftist mindset, you must be a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, or Islamophobe just because you believe in capitalism and not grievance politics. You should not allow their propaganda and virtue signaling put a guilt trip on you.

Rather than just genuflecting to these bogus claims of leftists, perhaps you should remind yourself that the Democrat party has changed and has been coopted by the extreme socialist left.

Many enlightened Blacks who may be conservatives are not committed to the right is because they need to be convinced that the right cares enough to reach out. The only help we really need is legitimate education and assistance in realizing that America really belongs to us too. Although many Blacks say it, but obviously some don’t yet believe it.

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