Why Is The Bible Confusing

This is a complex question requiring a sophisticated and expansive set of answers. Answers that will clear up much for some while further confusing those who want to hang on to taught beliefs that spawned the confusion in the first place.

Religious organizations tell us that the bible was inspired by God, and yet it was written by men. Some wonder why God needed men to write in a book what he wanted his creation to do and how to live.

One of many reasons I believe for confusion in the bible is because of the lies of history that seeks to hide things from the world that would see it as it really is , as opposed to how it is presented.

Let me take you back to a time and a place when the thoughts of the creator began to be written on paper (papyrus) in the land of what we now call Africa. It’s important to understand that this is before the Greeks and the Romans (Gentiles) ever knew anything about Almighty God, except for those powerful men of their time, to whom they referred to as gods.

Africa had priests skilled in all manner of alchemy (mystery system, magic). These people started as children being taught their craft over 30 years, by masters, bringing them in perfect harmony with nature (creation) and themselves. Instinctively, they knew that there was a power greater than man, and responded to that realization by trying to define it.

Even though much of what they recorded on papyrus was destroyed by the Romans, the Greeks sought to learn as much as possible by becoming students of African priests. In fact, Greek philosophy has it’s roots in Kemet

Everything known in the western world came from Africa, a fact that continues to be in denial. Far be it for the African to be the father of anything scientific, medical, religious, mathematical or any higher science that Europeans have laid claim to.

Among those Greeks who studied in Africa were Thales, Pythagoras, Miletus, Solon, Plato, Eudoxus, and on and on. This is just to make the point that Greek philosophy came from teachings of Africa. This is contrary to the lies of history that downplays the importance of Africa to world civilization.

We can go on to name Greeks like Socrates, Cratylus, Aristotle, Diogenes, Speusippus, Chrysippus and many more. These men did not just dream this stuff up, their base of thought came out of Kemet and other regions of Africa, which later became known as Greek philosophy and civilization.

In Kemet, it was the priests who possessed this special knowledge while the rest of the people had Ma’At which governed their behavior. Laws of living really did not need to be written down, it was understood by the masses. Because of our spiritual connection with the creation and the creator, it kept us in line for many centuries.

Becoming infected from outside (wars, invasions, intrusions etc.) of Africa and also from within we eventually fell away from our own basic teachings, and began to adopt ideas and concepts opposing our own teachings and accepting the ideologies of outsiders. It was the proverbial Slippery Slope.

After conquering northern Africa and making it part of the Roman Empire, Emperor Constantine needed a means of bringing the entire empire under  a common set of teaching, control, and belief system.

Thus the council of Nicaea was convened in 325 AD and consisted of 313 Roman Catholic Bishops for the purpose of crafting doctrine to support Emperor Constantine’s mandate. The first edict to emerge was the Nicene Creed. This creed created Jesus as declared him as God.

This began to shape the bible that was to later emerge as the King James bible. From 325ad to 781ad there were 8 other councils to complete the transformation of the bible into what we have today.

In the meantime, all other religious writings were destroyed, and around 500AD the dark ages were ushered in, a period of spiritual blackout that lasted 1000 years to around 1500 AD (The Great Rebirth or Renaissance). During that period no one was able to write, speak, or distribute anything that went against what the church mandated, under penalty of death.

The bible that we use today is primarily the King James Version. The so called version or the authorized version is the 1611 edition. King James sanctioned it under command of Emperor Constantine.

Now, moving on to other confusing aspects of the bible, we encounter deeper confusion. Even more enlightened individuals acknowledge that through all the stolen history and twisted stories that originated in Africa, there are still truths that resonate with us as humans having a divine origin.

That is because the bible is written in code which means trying to read it literally will confuse and misdirect you, unless you know how to interprit it other than just literally.

The bible also uses many metaphors and esoteric (words having more than 1 meaning) writings to tell stories that we can benefit from. Writers of the bible also used symbolism, gematria, sacred geometry, numerology , etymology, parables, allegories, and things most of us are not proficient in, and requires specialized areas of study.

One of the most revealing things about the bible is the role reversals staged in the bible to aid those who are highly motivated to maintain control over you, and will simply not tell you what is true.

Those esoteric skills I mentioned earlier is well known and utilized by all the secret societies, who are sworn to secrecy and silence. They know things about the bible that you don’t.

Cosmologically, we are leaving the age of Pisces (the age of deception) and entering the age of Aquarius (the water bearer of truth), which is bringing forth truths that we need to examine, accept and act on for our own survival.

You should not be discouraged from reading the bible, however this is a literary work that has been modified to reflect a certain set of views, mainly to a select group, the majority on this planet, of non white people, who constitute 85 to 90 percent of the world’s population.

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